Saturday, May 05, 2007

You are belonging to my smile:)

In these two years of blogging an experience that could never compare to any other times in my life so far. Blogging starts as a hobby and it grows as an informative valley, turn as a place to expression the thoughts, and it reveals the feelings through words. The happiness given by you all creates a sense of a new dawn in my life. Positive thoughts grow every time while going through your thoughts and experience. You are the only buddies always here to encourage me more and listen to me. If I was away from here for some days, you have been thinking about the reason for it and wised for what ever I am doing. I must tell the support and the confidence that I earned from you is my only strength now. Above all I got the courage from you to face my life.

This is time to thank my friend Ghost Particle and his project team for selecting my short story Limestone Forest as one of the winning story months back. This week I received a wonderful book "A Short History of Nearly Everything" from him for winning. This book amazes me going through every page and it also recalls some of my school science. Totally I was not confident and felt bad to send him a useless story that comes to my thought. He only said that it comes from my heart and I hold a hope in his words. I think the real winner is the ‘hope’ he gives.

Another happiest news is I was awarded as Star of the Month May by my loving friend thooya. I feel it as a great noble:)


Sree's Views said...

Hi Jeevs..
u r right ! There is no need for any thanks or sorry between friends.. :)
Congrats for both the success :)
I am very happy to have such an inspiring friend like u Jeevs :)
I hope u get more and more laurels :)

Anonymous said...

hey jeevz..congrats...proud of u...huggiezz

Ponniyinselvan said...

dear jeevan,
this is a book which i wanted to read.writer Sujatha had given a summary of it .it clearly describes about athma,soul,rebirth..very scientific..this must have been the same explanation given by our rishis.
but later all got mutilated for some or other reasons and made into fables and stories.these stories does good as well as good is:when we lose someone ,these stories encourage us with the hope that we will see them after our life.the bad is:in the name of gratification of the soul and such other things we are threatened and exploited and put into mental torture.
i am waiting for a chance to read this book.

Ponniyinselvan said...

jeevan, si the heart that is great and your heart is the greatest and u deserve the success.

Kavi said...

Congratulations Mate ! Double treat for you ! You rock

Vinesh said...

congratulations jeevan!
haven't read your story yet, but will do so now..

balar said...

Congratulations Jeevan..
Take care my friend and will see you after cpl of weeks.

Jeevan said...

Sree – Thank you so much friend:) your recent post clearly gives me how sweet u r. I too agree with u!

Thooya - :) Thanks dear

Ponniyinselvan – I didn’t go deep, when I do it, hope there would be many thinks to wonder me. I wish you to read this book soon. Thank you ma:)

Kavi – It’s a happy treat:) Thank u!

Vinesh – Thanks dear! take you time.

Balar – Have a nice time friend:) Thanks.

Shuuro said...

Congrats jeevan!

Karthik B.S. said...

Jeevan congrats congrats! u deserved that award! :)

Keshi said...

jeeeeeeez Jeevan u made me all teary :) HUGGGGGGGGGZ and I feel the same abt ur friendship. I value ur comments in every post I write...cos they always make me think and grow. ty!


priya said...

Jeev: You deserve the best and you write well as keshi said. Keep writing and may be oneday you can publish too some of your own stories or poetry.

krystyna said...

About first part- it is because you are the best friend .
About second and third - definitely you deserved for these awards!

Could I buy this amazing book?

Happiness be with you!

Ghost Particle said...

brother, I wish you will grow stronger and better and one day you will become the best of the writers. It is not an useless story, its an intelligent piece.

Jeevan said...

Shuuro – Thanks friend.

Karthik b.s. – Thank you:) well prepare for ur exams!

Keshi – these are encouraging words that develop our relation in friendship. I learn life from your writings. Hugsss:)

Priya - :) you all were increasing my confident! Thank you Priya.

Krystyna – Thank you dear:) what to tell… you all brought respect on myself. Why not, I think you could buy easily being in US. Check your regular bookshop.

GP – Then I said it right only:) when I share with intelligent friend, my intelligent is growing!

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan! Thanks.
I will be looking for this book during the weekend.

Shiva said...

Congratulations Jeevan! That's a great news and very proud to be associated with you.

Jeevan said...

Krystyna - Hope u get the book and wonder:)

Shiva – Thanks friend:)