Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Huge garden of adyar




Is still their is a place in Chennai, without any change for long time, an eco-friendly living society and the nature was still maintain without any change. Few times to be with nature is a very different feeling for everyone, that too a place inside city must be gifted. A forest along the banks of the Adyar River is a wonderful place with birds, insects, greenery, old and huge trees and rare species. Being a resident of Adyar for 20 years, i have visit this place called Theosophical Society (famous as Adyar Banyan Tree) once when i was 6 or 7 years, but was wishes for years to spent some time inside this green place of more than 120 hectares of garden.

It was a cool afternoon, thanks to the cloudiness formed by the low presser on ocean, after few feet away from gate gives a pleasant tranquil of the sounds and force. As vehicles were banned to enter inside, we left the car near the gate and I used my power chair with my parents and two cousins waking beside me. The roads leading to the Big Banyan tree was really good, and clean. We reached the Big tree soon from through its side gate, and it was little disappoint that the huge tree was missing, only its branches surrounding the 40,000 sq.ft. The guide said the Mother tree was died 10 years ago and the residue are its child trees, even though it looks beautiful to see the branches like pillars. Banyan trees are liked for its roots that fell from its branches, the children and even grown people wishes to swing by handing the roots. In this big banyan the roots have grown as trees, actually a tree or any plants grows only went we bury it roots under the soil, but this roots automatically go under the soil to take the grasping was marvelous.
P1022831 P1022836
P1022840 P1022832
Above all the big tree, the May flowers grown at the bottom of the trees are very attractive like a ball in pink color. Its specialty is it blooms once a year and its a single plant that has only stem and flower and it die after it blooms once. Its the same one sree posed sometime back. Their was this group of coconut palm in a round turn, it's nature is that lives only in water, that needs always water. I was decided i must go some distance inside the Society as it was after long time to be their. Many times i like to visit the garden, but being crippling i wasn’t able to do it. A lovely experience of listing the sweet noise of parrots, invisible cuckoos and some birds hiding somewhere and the coconut garden along the way; the facile irrigation canal and the old bungalow gives a manor feel and it was a charming movement when there was sudden drizzle and staying by two sides of green livings. On a high banyan tree, their was these hundreds of bats hanging and it was the first time i am seeing so much bats in a tree. I think it must be those bats that i have seen from our terrace in the evenings at my old house.

There are something different for me, the one was the red insects with two heads facing the opposite ends; and some tall trees where it looks like hanging pot's, i think who put the pots hang on tree orals it’s the nest of lovebirds, but it was only unripe fruit and the tree too has a different flower that shapes like a cobra head. The garden has shrines of world's many religious faiths and their was an unusual temple without any god statue inside, only a lamp was burning; it was named as Goddess of Light. In the World's Headquarters of the Theosophical Society with many old building, the silent lives every where. This place must be encouraged to people for a good environment, its always been chill as it was on the banks of the river and it would be an useful place to people on gardening. Glad I was able to explore this beautiful place and hope to be their some other time.



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pria said...

Thanks for sharing as I have never been ther. Banyan trees are always beautiful for its strong roots and branching out closeby. Especially during hot season it makes cool to enjoy sit around to have a nice pep-talk.

balar said...

Nice post and pics jeevan..

Inga than adayaru aalamaram irundadha?

enakku adayarla thernichadhu Ayyappan temple and ambika appalam(Annamalai moviela vandhadhalu hehehe)...:))

barbi bharadwaj said...

Hi jeevan,

long time since i commented.

I was looking for a longtime for a photo fo this "naga linga" poo.
It is actually a very beautiful flower, if u look in to it. It is very similar to a lingam and it is covered by a snake. Amazing!!

I know this is a very nice place,
thanks for all these pics..

good work!!

Keshi said...

VERY VERY nice pics Jeevan!


tulipspeaks said...

nice pics!
the place looks good too.


krystyna said...

Reading your great post I felt as I walked with you between these amazing trees. I love trees. These trees are awesome. Chennai must be amazing with such beauty.
You are very young man, but you write as a mature writer.
Thank you so much. I must be back to visit this garden with you again. You are a great guider.

ashok said...

beautiful fotos Jeevan...

Kavi said...

Adayar and the Theosophical society have been favourite haunts..! Nice pics

Anonymous said...

beautiful place
i am glad youhad a good time jeevz

Ghost Particle said...

it looks amazing! must get there one day!

Jeevan said...

Priya – It’s a must visit place. I had been played with the roots in our village and the people used to tell something to fear us from visiting banyan tree in mid-noon.

Balar – thanks buddy. Here was that big banyan tree, now were the place was empty with surrounds its children. We usually buy appalam and chips from Ambika appalam. This time around here, u can try to visit.

Barbi – its long time too, I posted blogs :) Ho its name was naga linga poo’va, my mom must mistake in identifying it as naga valli poo. It would be a good experience if it was visited in monsoon.

Keshi – Thanks dear :)

Ammu – Thank you!

Krystyna - :) actually Chennai is turning as artificial beauty! Sure it will be a great time for me to go with a best friend like you.

Ashok – thank you

Kavi – It’s a greener place of Chennai! Glad its ur favorite too.

Thooya – Thank you dear :)

GP – you must do bro!

Weekend Warrior said...

Amazing Jeevan. I wish there were more such places in Chennai. It is a gift to find such natural beauty within an urban area. Please keep such posts coming :)