Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sunday, Monday


Colors dropped on the sand
on the shores of pelagic
the endless of water and welkin
bounders in a line far away

why many red she’s? Let it be
but was desirable to observe
the flying flimsy curtain of she’s
raising hand to be writing on the air
ears busy on the hand set
complain she never comes this

imaginations attentive in the crisp
tilt on the wagon seat towards the bay
romantic caress the mood
against distress of couldn’t exist


Sunbow on the sky
evening before it hides
behind the ascend clouds
wonder could I visible
the missed scenic on the day
surprisingly came on the way
in hayride near the day end.


Keshi said...

ur such an excellent poet Jeevan!


Alok said...

Jeevan its fantastic ... its the best post tht i have recently read ... makes for such good mood with just a tinge of poignancy



Ghost Particle said...

superb jeevan... fine lines and description.

on sundays,
along the seashores,
she, dressed in red,
played in my mind,
just like the waves,
along the seashores.

Prashant said...

Monday means no fun day :(
Hi Bro , how are you??
Hoez life??

Smiles :)

priya said...

Beautiful lines and coined them well.

balar said...

Good one jeevs..

kalai said...

This remains me about my enjoyment on sundays. On monday, i will be waiting for the next sunday to come....still five days to go for another one....

Jeevan said...

Keshi – Thanks dear:)

Alok – thank you buddy:)

GP – Thank you, you have a nice one here bro!

Prashant – hum… I am doing fine here. How are u bro? u too keep smiling :)

Priya – Thanks priya.

Balar – Thanks.

Kalai – its still two days only for Sunday. Have great Sundays kalai :)

kalai said...

Thanks Jeevan...

That five days is according to your poem...

Anonymous said...

lovely lovely words Jeevan...Beautiful!