Friday, September 21, 2007

Cute Monkeys & Top 10

I come across these monkeys (pic) while browsing the net. Cute isn’t it!

Ten Most Polluted Places

The national geography released an article of World's Top 10 Most Polluted Places. It includes India’s Sukinda. The home to one of the world's largest chromite mines used to make steel stainless, among other things and 2.6 million people, the waters of this valley contain carcinogenic hexavalent chromium compounds courtesy of 30 million tons of waste rock lining the Brahmani River.

Ukraine’s Chernoby. The fallout from the world's worst nuclear power accident continues to accumulate, affecting as many as 5.5 million people and leading to a sharp rise in thyroid cancer.

Russia’s Dzerzinsk. A center of Cold War chemical manufacturing, the city's 300,000 residents have one of the lowest life expectancies in the world thanks to waste injected directly into the ground.

Zambia’s Kabwe. The second largest city in this southern African country was home to one of the world's largest lead smelters until 1987. As a result, the entire city is contaminated with the heavy metal, which can cause brain and nerve damage in children and fetuses.

Peru’s La Oroya. Although this is one of the smallest communities on the list (population 35,000) it is also one of the most heavily polluted due to lead, copper and zinc mining by U.S.-based Doe Run mining company.

China’s Linfen. A city in the heart of China's coal region in Shanxi Province, its three million inhabitants choke on dust and drink arsenic that leaches from the fossil fuel.

Russia’s Norilsk. This city above the Arctic Circle contains the world's largest metal smelting complex and, therefore, some of the world's worst smog. "There is so much pollution going into the air from this place that there is no living piece of grass or shrub within 30 kilometers of the city.


kalai said...

Ya... its cute friend..

Thanks for this nice post. I got nice information from you.

Ukraine's Chernoby- I studied this in detail in my final year in Professional Ethics paper.

The more peak we go, we have to face many tragedies like this....

Atleast, they can take some precautions to protect our future generations....

Ghost Particle said...

for the rest of the world to benefit, some lands are raped. Thats human evolution for you and me. What could have been done is to get the users and customers to repay to cleanup and for conservation of the sites. But that wont happen.

balar said...

Very informative one jeevs and very cute pic...

Jeevan said...

Kalai – Thank you friend.

GP – its very true buddy.

Balar – Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

dfntly very very cute