Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In state of anger

I would tell it’s the mind that fails to work on what we are doing is right or wrong and the anger of someone is deceit by wrongfully. At that time, we won’t think of conscience and the aim only is on punishing him severely on the disappointment they experience from them. Not one or two somewhere, many to express the anger blindly, even the matter was small. Came across few people who can’t forgive the strike by a trickster and the words talks on them shows how the mind was developed into violence, even to kill if they found. Where we learn the punishment for wrong activities is doing the wrong thing again and more? Just beaten violently into injury could make the incident fine, would it satisfy the ones loss? Where could find the justice in something stolen, with no clue who was the burglar, but in doubt the one wander at the place was beaten bloodily.

It was not a couple of week’s back a youth in Bhagalpur (Bihar) was beaten without humanity, tying his hands and legs for snatching a gold chain form a woman. It was the police who was watching the incident alive when the mob thrashes him and to his part of tying him at his motorcycle and pulled till he become unconscious. It has shaken every one of us and the incident still without leaving the mind; then again an incident at same district by mob is dark. When a three youth whom were snatching the motorcycle at gunpoint, where blinded by a group of relatives of the victim. The message flies through the mobile and the angered people dragged the stolen bike on the way from the youths and kick severely to pierce there eyes with a sharp tool ( NDTV, news). The scene wasn’t imaginable how they have agitated for the act; it includes a school student of 9th. It was only the police whom blindness happed sometimes in the same district in 80’s, now the people took that job.

Today the time to remember the most violent incident that brings the world view on the New York. The destruction of Twin Towers crosses the 6th year; the life becomes so simple for the lifelessness behind the hills. The incidents happen in our own Bihar needs the view of nation and national leaders, law must be strong nor would these be continuing…


priya said...

Very well written Jeevan. Violence happens with our own taxes which people fail to agree and only popularity of leadership is recognized based on situations.

Balaji S Rajan said...

I agree totally with you. You are very human.

starry nights said...

Really sad. The person should have been turned into the police rather than the mob take it into their own hands. After all even the thief is a humanbeing and needs to be treated as such.

MM said...

The bihar incident was mind numbing to say the least. Flashes of the horrid scene still play across my horrified mind at times.

Perhaps it has come to a point where humanity has lost the very core of what makes it distinct - a sense and sensitivity.

Ghost Particle said...

its sad to know that there are still uneducated people who believe in mass hysteria and go on a rampage. whats sadder is when people who know its wrong just go on to fuel things. people today are not afraid to take another persons life, life is cheap. and we cant educate the whole world. somedays we just have to wait and let things settle down by itself. if we die in the process, then its a sacrifice that the world might not know.

Keshi said...

this post portrays true HUMANITY.

Life has become cheap for many...i sometimes wonder just HOW can humanbeings behave that way...it amazes me.

I rem that day too...6yrs ago...its as fresh as yday...the pain is.


Jeevan said...

Priya – Thank you. only little comes out.

Balaji – Thanks buddy.

Starry – you are very true dear. first people should have hope on law and police, that’s how police must act.

Velu (mm) – it was a heart-broke scenes. right buddy.

GP – well said bro, what ever we write or talk without any reaction from others, its waste. Education is only not enough, they must bring up with human kind and a sense we all feel same.

Keshi – thanks dear. would pray whoever behind this 9/11 should realize their great fault.