Monday, September 10, 2007

Sunday Pictures

Santhome Basilica Cathedral is one I never forget to have a glance at its beautiful structure whenever I cross to visit Marina Beach.

It’s everyone’s wish to watch Chennai from this Light House as I have. It located at the south end of the Marina beach and it also owns the meteorological department and it restricted to visitors.

It’s the newly designed lions on the Thiru Vika Bridge, Adyar.



Marina Beach

Our Street Pilliyar (Ganesh). Its getting ready for Vinayagar Chaturthic. When I come across this temple in my evening rides, I could feel the cool breeze from the peepul tree it holds.


Anonymous said...

WoWWWW...some simply AWESOME shots there...Excellent!
All your last posts also has been wonderful and especially the 'Black Wonder' post!
I couldn't visit you blog last week as was on a short trip.

Alok said...

Amazing shots ... brilliantly captured


priya said...

Great shots ther Jeevan.

MM said...

Superb snaps!
Way to go!!


balar said...

Nice pics jeevs..

kalai said...

Great pictures....

Very nice & simple explanations...

Especially, Pillaiyar.. Really superb. He is my very favourite God. Thanks Jeevan....

Keshi said...

beauuuutiful shots Jeevan!

that Cathedral wins the Keshi prize :)


tulipspeaks said...

nice pics here!


Jeevan said...

Kalian – Thank you so much buddy! Its ok kalyan, have ur own time :)

Alok – Thank you buddy

Priya – Thanks

Mm – Thank you

Balar – Thanks nanba :)

Kalai – Thank you :) He was fav god in my child day. Wherever I see him, I start to hold hand to pray.

Keshi – So nice dear :) Thanks

Ammu – Thank you!

Balaji S Rajan said...


Good pictures. I liked the Marina Beach and Pillaiyar temple which brings in lots of memories. The Basilica Church in Santhome is good too. I have also stopped for few seconds whenever I pass through that.