Saturday, September 22, 2007

Unrest students

After crossing the age of teen, students thinking themselves they are more matured to handle anything on their own. Because of this thought and activities how many problems they have to face and they also not even knowing how many are affecting by this. It’s good for them to handle any sort of fact if it was for good cause; but if they engaged with any problem with in themselves or with others; the peace process would never take place, instead of facing with anger. This is what something happening with some students and with institutes they study. It was not new for collages and institutions, that problems happening for years that involved by students, but a good solution to stop students making problems must be thought.

I am only telling about some. Destroying the public and institution properties in the clashes between students and sometime even against the institute rules and officials is happening now and then. These happen in the anger and tell the students are young blood to get more anger on simple problem; why this happen when other like them are not behaving worst. When they enter some problem, they look for not forgive the self-esteem and strength before others and get sudden anger for everything, without knowing any indirect and direct affect that create. Are they behaving like educated young’s are the road side rowdies, even some rich and strong background student’s brought the rowdies in support for the fight. I want to know what the schools teach them for over ten years before they enter the collage, its not there response to build a good character in them. But see what they learn in school couldn’t help to face other problems than studies and on carrier.

Parents are the souls disturbed mentally because of there children’s activities on their campus. Which parents would satisfy if there child was suspend or dismissed for wrong activities? and more the parents worries are on their future, but the child not think like them before involving. One of our known person’s child was involved in some clashes between students in collage and was in suspension for a month, but it seems he was not at all worried about that like their parents was undergoing. And it was like he was permitted to collage by paying fine for what he and other students make loss for the institute. Except these, when the collages are closed in the clash, the studies of others were disturbed, they loss the hours of class and the preparation for exams and lack for the notes by lectures. Parents and schools should teach students to use self control and self monitoring techniques to control there behavior. Developing the humankind in everyone, dismiss the injuring behavior from the mind and make them to walking towards peace process in every issue that would think to solve not to pull great.


MM said...

Somehow it so happens that the moment a teen enters college all contacts between the home and the educational institution are broken down. As 'self-standing' individuals they go abt making gangs and cliques and end up at the wrong spots, only to realise soon that something had gone amiss awhile...

Voracious Blog Reader said...

Hi Jeevan,

Character maketh a Man[Woman].

Why is it that boys get into trouble and girls do not? I wonder.

Mob psychology is one other reason for clashes etc.,

The early 20's are a critical point of time. Instead of forcing the students to simply obey the strict rules, explaining to them about the necessity of each and every rule will automatically lead to students following rules.

Students now-a-days are not well motivated by teachers. Motivating the students to take up something interesting instead of wasting time will help in resolving issues.

Voracious Blog Reader

balar said...

College students na appadi ellam irukkanum..appadiye irukkatum paavam avangalai vittudunga..:)

(hehehehe college padikirappa nanum ippadi thane irunthen....)))

Manimala said...

The westernization of our kids is what corrupts them and makes them descend into an animalistic lack of control and satisfaction of the most primitive and uncivilized urges. Curb this influence, and our children will benefit.

kalai said...

Well said friend..

The main reason behind this problem is their parents. First parents are responsible for their childrens wrong activities. Next comes the friends (surroundings).

Some students with strong background are coming to college just for time pass. For them degree is not a compulsory one. Bcoz of them, the students who really have passion in studies are affected very much...

Some solution should come.....

Keshi said...

I hv to agree with every word u said here Jeevan!

Somehow I dun agree with wut Kalai said:

** First parents are responsible for their childrens wrong activities

no ways! There r great parents that hv bad kids. And there r bad parents that hv great kids. we r all born with certain traits..we cant blame everything on our parents.


tulipspeaks said...

agree with wht keshi said here.

no one other than the students themselves to be blamed.


Kalyan said...

That's so true Jeevan. When we come out of the school and join a college,we feel we are at so top of the world and have such freedom, that we can do anything without bothering what impact it will have on others as also our parents. The acts are simply ridiculous and I believe these students really need to be properly counseled as also political parties should stay away from college campuses, who are also behing these thoughtless acts....Nice post!

Jeevan said...

Velu (mm) – your really said well, this gang making bring them to the ground. If someone was teased by a person or some in that group, they got a change to misuse and held to violence.

Voracious blog reader – I think girls nature is soft, they don’t jump in violence, but they protest for the changes and for any problem in peace process. I agree in your point of view, which would be a best idea to solve the rules adjustment explaining them in detail.
Teachers motivate only well studying students, that why many dint get much care in their school days. Most of them we see in clashes are low average students, those who were interested in studies look for what to do next and avoid waste talks.

Balar – appadinu ethavathu rules pottu irukengala enna? Jumping into violence is good for them?when something happen series it would affect ones future isn’t it and it also make there parents worry. Balar nengaluma… enna koduma sir ithu :)))

Mani mala – welcome here. I won’t think the westernization would be a reason, it’s the lack of self control of a student.

Kalai – Thanks buddy. Yes parents have a large part in shaping their character and the practicing of surrounding aware another side other than parents. True, but not only rich background and over all the impudence for not respecting anyone make them to misuse.

Keshi – Thank you dear! Parents can bring a change in the growth of one, but as u said not only parents are to blame, how well the children catch is important.

Ammu – thank you. hum… they can only be for what happens.

Kalyan – Thanks buddy. Such freedoms can change there life, if they use in a good way. Parents are really mind worried of there children’s disobedient at campus, it makes them head down before their relatives and neighbors whom every know what happen at ones campus.

balar said...

//enna koduma sir ithu :))).//

Jeevs, enga name notice boardla eppalam vaandhucho appalam enga professorai parthu naanga kettadhu "Enna koduma Sir idhu" ..:))

kalai said...


Ya... I agree wit wat u said...

But, I mean to say that parents should have control over their childrens activities. They are the one who can say what is right & what is wrong.

Ok, bad parents have nice kids. I accept this... But, "great parents have bad kids..." my thoughts will match with this sentence. We dont want to worry about what is good... We have to care about what is bad...

Thanks for saying the other side of my thought...


Thank u friend.. I agree with u. Ya, impudence for not respecting anyone make them to misuse....