Thursday, January 24, 2008

Logic less magic

To the red loam planet
in disposition to destination
sets-up in everyone’s oppose, so
much disturbance over climbing aviation.

Conceal under seats of common carrier
in standstill motion of traffic jams
hostiles seek to divide the sweethearts
who’s eager for a lonely planet?

Fancy dreams in the mind
lonely house forever in vast land
here and there the little’s love shared
where guarded in branches of
fable tale baobabs widespread.

In wonderlands that accommodate
unstable climate excites every moment
green and silky grasses, moving clouds
sustain a delicious life out there.

The desires lost before boarding
it shocks him, there she missed in crowd
in search of heart, it feels with some other
clueless what happens to her.

Just like a thunder flash it was
left strong memories that puzzles still
the rooster roars in early alarming defeats
later everything relates to dream.


Alok said...

the concept of presence of life on Mars is something tht has always fascinated me ... alas! it is status quo for the last 15 yrs when I first read about it ...

you know as a kid and still today want to buy a house on Mars and live there .. so what if this is my fantasy .. it never costs a dime to dream .. does it :)

well done with this piece Jeevan


Annie said...

I love the line "Who’s eager for a lonely planet?" You capture the feelings of curiousity, even longing, in this poem, Jeevan.

starry nights said...

Jeevan I just loved this you already know I love learning about other planets and often wondered about life on mars.

Annie Wicking and Loman Austen said...

This is a wonderful poem, Jeevan.
You are a Master of Words...

Best wishes,


Keshi said...

Im loving this...ur a great writer Jeevan!

I wonder if there r hot men on Mars ;-)


krystyna said...

Wonderful poem! Love it.
Happy Republic day to you Jeevan!

Kalyan said...

lovely have crafted the fantasies beautifully....we could really feel the lines & the emotions you have conjured in it...very nice!

Jeevan said...

Alok – we never plan our dreams and clueless what would come. So my dream exist a lonely experience what I have written. THANKS buddy.

Annie – welcome here annie :) thanks for sharing your words.

Starry – I know dear you have so much desire about the out of world. Thanks so much.

Annie wicking – Thanks a lot dear :) I wish you all best in your life; hope your books are getting good response. Take care

Keshi – Thank you keshi. Just now they have found some human like shadow on Mars; sure some more research will bring more details. Then could look for hotties;)

Krystyna – Thank you krish. Happy Sunday :)

Kalyan – Thanks so much buddy. I was enjoyed and enjoying thinking that dream.

sathish said...

//later everything relates to dream.

Many a time things relates to dreams in life... That was an interesting poem Jeevan!!