Sunday, January 06, 2008

My most favorite songs of 2007

Last year I was in great pleasure of listing too much good Tamil songs and I would like to share it with you all. I list down some songs I loved in some way it was tuned, singed, the lyrics that put me in sense and happiness… it was not an order of which one is good to the decrease of less good, but comes as it is from my thoughts. The film names were at each end of the song experience in bracket and u can check the song clicking mouse at the link in blue.

Meendum Palliku Pogalaam... (Again go to the school…)I feel it’s a best song that bring backs the memories and desires in our deep heart. The words are strong when comes from music director Bharadhwaj’s voice and it was tuned in clearly one could listen what was singed. One line that goes like “educated all forget there schools and lose in the mechanical life and those uneducated look at there school in craved to distress. I feel a pain in this line and it was like pinching me. The video of this song was so realistic showing the emotions on peoples face about there school times, living in varies places. (film Pallikodam)

Katrin Mozhiye... the song starts like asking which is the language of air, flower, sea and love. Poet Vairamuthu gives two choosing answers for air its sound or music, for flowers its color or fragrance, for sea its waves or bubbles, for love its eyes or lips. The music director Vidhyasagar penned the song in one could enjoy the beautiful lives, its languages and the nature’s creativity in this song. It was tuned in melodies with male and female singing separately where female singer Sujatha’s version was impressive. (Mozhi)

Kaadhal Konjam... its drizzling in a word! The times I was in worries I wanted this song at my side to bind, that how I adore and in love with this song. Do check the English translation of this song here I wrote some times back. Composed and singed by Harish Jayaraj and singer naresh Iyer in Tamarai’s lyrics gives an fantastic mood to forget all any other just listening times. (Pachai Kili Muthuchram)

Akkam Pakkam... after a long time I was to listen from an owner of sweet voice Sadhana Sargam in this song. Its romantic lines could melt the heart; the most adoring is cute looking trisha and her expression to wording. One could enjoy in this boat house and artificial island center of Backwater Lake in tuning to G.V.Prakash’s music. (Kireedam)

Unnarugil Varugayil... it may released in late of 2007, but it releases from my player for maximum times in recent days. Very hard to think what makes me pleasing on this song, it rarely comes that likely listening to best of moments coming closer. The action less eyes and on the smiles along with rocks of familiar places in the song are spirit watching. The young composer Joshua Sridhar who exists for only couple of films in Tamil and this is one sure to take places in the memories. (Kallori)

Unakkaga thaanea... actually what dragged me is the starting of some sweet wordings like whoever tells anything dear, I will come with you … ones u smile it’s my meaning to live, another smile it finishes my curse of lifetime…. The mild folk track behind the voice gives a style and the video feels to emollient in childish. (Katrathu Tamil)

Asaipatta ellathaium... its best are the lines of praising mother. A meaningful song about mother, tells her affection and touches could not be valued to anything that we buy. The beats are the energies of this song and one thing that stop the pull also. (Viyaabari)

Saroja Samman Nikola... first I avoided it feeling over noise, but all days listening on television and radios I found interests on its very peppy music. It’s a party song, the cricket friends of Chennai 28 plays dance with colorful glam girls. Yuvan’s music stops at some place, but it start with force repeatedly till it ends actually. (Chennai 600 028)

June Pona... The late year starts with this favorite keyboard tune of peaba peppa peaba… from the time I listen there was some imaginations how this song would be in visible. It holds some magic from the voice of Krish and Harish’s music that develops a mood of passion. I wonder that my dears have comes close towards my taste; they enjoy the song more than me. Ever time they show different thoughts in listening, but this song they shares. (Unnale Unnale)

Radha Kaadhal Varatha... I think it was a remake of an old-song where in a style of modern devotional. I love the beginning much, singer sounds sweeter the line radha kaathal varatha… beautiful composed, but I was disturbed by the English rap in-between. The musician always add the rap when it comes to remake songs, I disappoint with this idea. (Naan Avan Illai)

Yen Chellaperu Apple... what a hot and sweet like my favorite taste of lays. All credit goes to Mirchi Suchi (sema hot’u machi) and her voice that rocks. Musician manisharma has tried to give something new, but it feels like listening to Hindi’s Doom here. (Pokkiri)

Style Style... I get very little opportunity to watch this song fully clearly. An example of grand shaker and stylish Rahman’s combination in a variety place and tunes in western style. One basket sunlight, one basket moonlight, everything joins his white… the magic behind this white skin really wonders. The fast lines flows in energy and Tanvi sounds humming in cool manner, I would tell she is the spice space of this style. (Sivaji)

Pogathe... a very soft melody. Yuvan has singed this song is unbelievable, excellently done to soothing for which we were singing like in our imagination and instrument are the attractive thing, it’s the vinnai or anything I think it was a rare feel I got. (Deepavali)

Mudhal Mazhai... the first rain would give more enjoyable in the season. It was the first rain in Hariharan’s lovely voice and the poetic lyrics of Na.Muthukumar is a gentle breeze for lonely moments. Some expectation on this song, what different the director make it outstand from many rain songs in past. It starts with an unaware words as usual style of Harish Jayaraj and did a wonderful tuning the music. (Bheemaa)

Thanks for listining my favorite songs.


G U R U said...

My favourites from your list are -

Kaatrin mozhi, Kadhal Konjam, Unakkaga thaane, Pogaathey and Mudhal mazhai..

Nice write up!

G U R U said...

Oops! missed 'June Pona' in the above list :)

Ghost Particle said...

bro....this is an excellent list! i loved all the songs as well.

Alok said...

not heard any of the Jeevy (and even if I wld have will surely not recognise :)) am sure they r timeless



priya said...

Except Mozhi, I have no clues at all. said...

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tulipspeaks said...

the best = katrin mozhiye!



krystyna said...

Hi Jeewan!
I love your fav. song. My fav. from your list are: June Pona-Unnale Unnale (beautiful dancing) and Katrin Mozhiye.
Thanks for sharing!

Have a wonderful day!

Vinesh said...

nice choice. some surprises too. i love the kaatrin mozhi song, but prefer the male version over the female one.

Keshi said...

I dunno em by names but Im sure I know some of those songs Jeevan :) Cos I watch alot of Tamil movies too.


Jeevan said...

Guru – Thank you guru :)

GP – Thank u so much bro, glad u like it.

Alok - everything would be here strange for you, no problem buddy :) take care.

Priya – Except mozhi there are many good song to listen, u may check some other time priya.

www.... – Thanks for you comment. Will check the site other time.

Ammu – Right dear.

Krystyna – Thanks a lot dear, hope u enjoyed the songs :) have an nice time.

Vinesh – yes both versions are too good! Thanks buddy ;)

Keshi – thanks for sharing it dear :) I know u can listen Tamil songs...

Kavi said...

Good selection for a collection !

ashok said...

happy new year jeevan...

Jeevan said...

Kavi – thank you buddy :)

Ashok – thanks a lot, and same to you too :)

Inoruvan said...

How do u left the Tamizh MA Song?
Paravaiyae Engu Irukirai?