Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Unnecessary change

It’s not a one day game that changing the solar calendar followed by years which teach us that April 14 is the Tamil New Year day begins on Tamil month Chithirai. The New Year was calculated by the day sun arrives at middle of the sky, it follows after the south Madurai known as Kumari Kandam which was destroyed in sea rage and submerged. Then the south Madurai which have the Kapatapuram as its capital in north and in that tract the day sun arrives to middle of the sky was been on April 14.

I was disagreed on this decision of Tamil Nadu government introducing the bill to celebrate the Tamil New year on the Pongal Day, the first day of month Thai. I feel pongal is our harvesting festival and thanksgiving to nature and no need to mix it with New Year. The calendar was not prepared by the government; it was created by our ancestors seeing the sun’s position. We know chitirai as the first month, and everyone know as it is and suddenly announcing the change of the traditional habitually would confuse so many and I would only tell it’s the decision of government alone and it won’t affect others who follow it. Any way it would not be a holiday on April 14 and it won’t affect anything.


Ponniyinselvan said...

dear jeevan,
it's all in the game. when ''THEY''the powerful ''Dictate '' we have no other option but to obey meekly.the only solace is that we have a blog to express our ideas.the greatest relief.
Anyhow, slowly we get used to, become accustomed to changes.
sweetest karthikeyan

starry nights said...

I agree with the above comment.sometimes change is inevitable.sometimes it is done so that we can have a long weekend long as we remember that it is two different festivals and the meaning of each.

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
Writing is the perfect way to show our thoughts and even our opposition.
Your todays post is a good lesson.

priya said...

Changing the history is more like rewriting the constitution. Beliefs to them is nothing at all.

Annie said...

It's all political, they say. Here's another example.

Keshi said...

hey Jeevan I honestly dun car abt 'dates' as such. to me every single day is a gift and therefore should be celebrated :)


Ghost Particle said...

what stupid things power can do, but they definitely cant change nature and life. :)

Anonymous said...

politics really runs deep in India...I agree with you...even we have our Bengali New Year on the 14th April!