Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Year end events

It was wished to be part of Christmas when the world is celebration it. Even not much, I needed a tree with serial lights blinking, gifts hanging, bells chinking to the blowing gentle winds and the night with candle lights. There is nothing more cares me so far about Christmas, only for last few years I go with hanging start outer my home, this time I was thinking for a tree and not been prepared to buy, but I got a small tree from my grandma which she did for me getting things from shop and also a small home with ice-cream sticks. I thought myself it’s the beginning and should do bigger next time; I and cousin decorated it in green leaves for floor, drawing Christmas board and lilting candle gives cute look when all doing that.
X-Mas004 X-Mas001

I could only present u the Christmas pics and it was little worries I wasn’t able to share some movements through pictures of cousin sister B’day, going to village and New Year night at home. The cam was brought by uncle’s relatives so I can’t click anything at any moments we really wanted. It was a casual beach visit on sat with cousins at present, they where in half-yearly holidays and suddenly a thought comes to celebrate sister’s birthday at beach. So bro brought cake candles, snacks… in the cool pleasant dusk, with clapping hands and singing birthday lines she cut cake and it continues till night we chatting happily, teasing each other. The next day it was the sudden decision by all to spend the Sunday at grandpa’s sister village near Chennai. Grandpa and others where seated in cousin'sSumo Victa and we where taking our car following them. Dad with arm pain, we needed a person to drive the car, so a relative bro belong to the place we ahead drove the car and the noon breeze at there was totally please only we where disturbing the whole village shouting and running everywhere.

After sun behind the clouds in afternoon we went to the field belong to them, riding in wheels on the mud road for a short distance with much trees, green grasses around. First time I was there in their field, the recent rain was doing something good for the well and lakes filled in water. I was near and not to miss the opportunity seeing my relative buddy jumping from the wall into the well. I wondered what happen to him, he was at that another end of the big well when he comes out of water after few seconds. On the way we met small monkeys crossing the way… they told these monkeys use a cute way to steal thing from houses of the village. If the window holes are small for the big monkey’s they sent there kids inside the hole and order them to bring what they need. Because of this all the houses in the village have very small windows.

I find a very kind buddy there, he was my age and we spent talking throughout the way around the places. He finished his computer diploma and has a small shop in the village looking over his family and the fields. Then comes a new experience and also at risk when returning from there. It was darkness surrounds almost waiting for our relative bro to drive the car who was gone to pick the driver for Sumo vehicle where our cousins and all should come. Passed few kilometers the diver of the sumo wasn’t able to drive and he was half in sleep, so no other way to move the vehicle further. Now the only person would drive the big vehicle was our relative who drive us, but our car also need a driver, so there is no other way my bro only have to drive us back, but he wasn’t well practiced in driving a car. He hoped he could drive, but for us it makes uncomforting leaving him and the road (OMR) was fully contour till crossing the east cost road with heavy traffic jam moving slowly from 5 km before my home. First time I was very carful looking him driving between cars coming closely and I was in short dread and wishes he could drive safely without hitting anything. Cool he did a good job, we reached home, but only thing he need is to learn speed balance… his pickup was very fast, specially in cities it’s the most important thing to be careful.

New Year did not get any expectation with me, it passed another day in life watching television program. Early morning former president Kalam interview was the best one, it was the first time kalam gives interview for an entertainment channels. It was a great inspire knowing much about him, his thought ‘we should have an aim at every moment we live and moving towards it for an interesting life’ found a strength inception of this year. Again wishing a happy and interesting 2008.


priya said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time at the start of the year.

Alok said...

so u had a fun filled, relaxed and inspired vacation :) gr8


kalai said...

dats really nice to hear... iam very happy dat u had a great time.. dat decoration is superb.. i too had a little house which i made from chutti vigadan (pls dont laugh) which i bought 4 harry potter snaps... its always nice to share wit u friend...

Ghost Particle said...

now that was fun! but of course one must always be careful on roads.

Happy New Year again bro. Have a nice time.

Ponniyinselvan said...

// On the way we met small monkeys crossing the way… they told these monkeys use a cute way to steal thing from houses of the village. If the window holes are small for the big monkey’s they sent there kids inside the hole and order them to bring what they need. Because of this all the houses in the village have very small windows.//
We had the same experience when we were living in Velacherry.when affronted these kutties will look as if they are very innocent.very tricky.

Jo said...

Hey Jeevan, wishing you and your family a peaceful and prosperous year of 2008! The new layout of the blog looks cool!

Annie Wicking and Loman Austen said...

Wow I love your christmas decorations. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

I hope you and your family have a peaceful and Happy New Year.


Kalyan said... you had a wonderful christmas & the holidays...The pics looks just beautiful nice reading your thoughts...have a wonderful time!

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
What a beautiful Christmas tree and decoration! I had to put the one on my blog (Evolve).
Hope you don't mind.

Thank you for sharing -
your Christmas time was exciting.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Keshi said...

sounds like a good ending to year 2007!


Jeevan said...

Priya – yes it was. Thank you priya.

Alok – it was some fulfilled movement buddy, thanks for sharing :)

Kalai – Thanks a lot dear friend, u r always welcomed to share. Glad you did something like that home, I too have done a tanker lorry with the same chutti vigadam card some years back. Happy Happy new year for u, hugsss.

GP – yes, even we drive careful we can’t expect drive free moving vehicles around. Thanks bro, have a wonderful year and I pray for your desires.

Ponniyinselvan – haha… it sounds cute ma. Whatever they do it makes us love there innocent behavior.

Jo – Thank you so much buddy. I wish you many happier New Year and lots of smiles in life.

Annie – Thanks a lot for sharing also annie. I wish you too a Happy and beautiful New Year. Take care :)

Kalyan – Thank you friend. it was so much fun in this season that brings job even thinking. Hope u had wonderful times and ahead of New Year. Hugss.

Krystyna – I am glad you used my pic at your blog. Will check out dear :) May it be a wonderful and happier year ahead. Thanks.

Keshi – Of course dear :) Thank you.