Thursday, February 07, 2008

Immature through law

What I see in the law commission report is that age is nothing to do with marriage. I doubt that one is fully matured at the age of 18 and available for physical relationship that decides there future? No way. The one is matured through fully availability of mind, knowledge and body; just not in the age alone... More the report told is: “reducing the age limit of men getting married from 21 to 18 could stop the child marriage and the research report tells there is no medical research have said that a man marries at age of 18 faces debility. They put questions that if men were determine to poll vote at 18, why not to marry?... and no scientific evident for fixing that man should marry at only 21." It was unreasoning if a law bringing into force with these recommendations thinking it could bring a change and stop child marriage. (Global record of age to marry according to countries).

Further, the report says "the age for sexual consent should be raised from 15 to 16 for all girls, regardless of marriage." At present one having sex with a girl under 15 is punished as criminal act, even if they married, but how much such cases have been registered so far is invalid. Many people hesitate to come forward to complain and the unawares mostly in fair away distance from cities still follows it as custom and the law noting to do with. There are many villages, even town and cities not following the rules of child girl marriage; as soon they attend the womanhood, parents brought into thoughts of putting there daughters into marriage life.

I know none can ban the love or put it under law, it’s the nature feel comes at any age... love comes under wish and affection and it relates dump to fit mentally and physically. Hearing to my ears and come to know many girl children are prepared and filled with marriage and children before crossing 18. Now if the government take the report serious and fix the age of man getting marriage at 18, what the age of women? Many mind of men out in the world look for a lesser age women as their partner, if so one marries at 18, he would mostly look for a girl below 18 and it can go least below 15. I think the report more is not like to stopping the child marriage and in a way it encourages.

If one he/she was left into physical relationship without a developed mind and unaware of the relation, sure it going to disturb the next generation, I mean the children born to them. How would be the behavior and activities of a child, that born to and brought up by another child? I see children with very young mother who’s paired with a decade old husband. Here itself we could find distinguish between the father, whose views would be different and mother who lack for information looking after a child. A parents experience exposes on there own kids, if not at age, by mind they should be capable of bringing a better generation.


Annie said...

I think it would be a good idea for people to be at least 25 before they marry. In the U.S. it seems that is becoming more common, waiting till then.

Keshi said...

Marriagable age is only going higher these days...


G U R U said...

Oh man, the wiki link that you've mentioned has a hilarious fact -- "Sudan: Puberty, with requirement for willing consent of both parties"!! hahaha, that was so damn funny!!