Monday, February 25, 2008

Riding visiting

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Sun was shining on Sunday, but not me feeling it along the Coromandel Coast on a short long drive filled with chillness inside the wagon. Uncle brought a new car, so planned for a ride in ECR with our family and then it was visiting the traditional family deity temple few kilometers away from Kalpakkam. It was more than ten years back we went, this time grandma was with us, so made her to visit the temple what she was asking for long time. On the way we picked the cousin bro, who was still spending his holidays wandering after attending the Mamallapuram Magam. The place was clueless to find, when the time we visited last it was vacancy and nothing to do with rarely people visit. Now buildup with structure, the temple attracted more people and have priest to take care devotees. There was a known family in the same villages, we stop there who never knows them except dad, but the people are more human enquiring where even both of us were unfamiliar. I wonder at people behavior that I find only in villages enquiring people and share the moment as familiar.

Still I find the small children looking around the car and asking about what is it, how it works…. There was a little one with festival cooling glass making fun with others, I really impressed in there amuse and innocent smiles. On returning we parked the vehicle on roadside with paddy fields and small canal runs where we stopped for lunch. The wishes came along passing the dried Palar river bed and clean water stays some where the ditches to think playing in it. When ever I see a dried river with little waters, the mind craves for fun ride on like trekking style. For grandma she needs to meet some relatives in mamallapuram and I was eager to visit my dear sister there we get to spend with her in times waiting for grandma to finishing her attendant with relatives.

Bro was driving (in his style) the way, this time unusual for me traveling except from Maruti 800 and this vehicle with more spaces and to climb and down though not comforts me whom really have quite satisfied with my position at Maruti. One or two thing I disagree with my brother driving was too speed and unaware of overtaking places that made me to use the seat belt and then only I felt how safe is to use seat belts are in highways. Anyway it was cool and different ride, going to some place that was like memorable time had been revisits with my lost uncle shyam’s thought with whom we first get there.


priya said...

Looks like you had a good weekend travelling out.

Manimala said...

Ah, if only I could ride for fun...but petrol prices are so high yaar haha

Annie said...

Family travel is something to think about again and again. I have a brother who drives too fast and I often beg to be the driver when we go out together.

Balaji S Rajan said...


I felt like as though I was there with you in the car. Thanks for your narration. I could visualise each and every line. Ask you brother to drive carefully. We know how Karthik's mother is missing her son inspite of her son driving carefully on the road. Let your brother not be fascinated by driving fast. Wearing belts are a must in foreign countries. They give value for the life. So atleast you personally wear belt always when you travel in a car.

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
I like to read your story. Thanks for links, some was in Polish language so I understand where you were.
What a beautiful Temple -
your grandma was happy.

krystyna said...

I see these small children looking around the car and asking - what is it.
This new car is extra!

Best to you, Jeevan!

Ghost Particle said...

ECR! i first saw in that bhavana srikanth movie. it is a famous road. very nice writing bro, i want to visit all the places one day.

Keshi said...

seems like a lovely trip..a refreshing one.


di.di said...

Great trip, great fun!! yay... i believe you felt great to be home in one piece too!

Jeevan said...

Priya – yes I had it priya.

Manimala – petrol price is becoming scare to travel in world.

Annie – true annie, thinking about the time together brings smiles whenever remember them. I really need a driver who drives for us and not for any force.

Balaji – Thank you friend. we can’t expect any accident free because we are careful, but could reduce from our side. Sure, I must do wear belts and also we were to advice him to concern on speed and aware of rules. When my dad drives, I feel completely comfort and satisfaction.

Krystyna – Thanks so much dear. yes she was happy visiting temples and relations :)

GP – yes bro, its pleasure riding on ECR that to from Chennai to Pondicherry stretch. I wish for the days to come soon where u visits India and esp. Chennai.

Keshi – Thanks keshi, yes it was.

di.di – welcome here, it was great though every time travel on this stretch.

flyingstars said...

So you had a wonderful tome out there...I also love the long drives between the green paddy fields...the mind feels so pure, refreshing and romantic while these trips & along the Coromandel coast I think it would have been a heavenly drive...nice reading!