Monday, March 17, 2008

Something on desire

How many people really cared about others who related to then come circumstance before going ahead of filling there desires? The person whom grown in the practice of thinking only about him, his life, desires and carrier, fails to look at others inconvenience and the sufficient problems created by them. Just in shake of love and passion some doesn’t care about anybody and even if it hurts them when they know from there deep heart, still argue for the reason of anything and make smart there decision to accept by susceptible or work against listening. When people go on there wish not looking beside, may crash into problems and after that, the happiness will not last more and the mark without cleared remember there attitude always.

For people falling in love faces the same going against there parents. How could one easily forgive those who gave them identity, just by applying a coat of new colorful dreams and desires hiding the white sheet in which it sticks to give a design? He/she who lacks to love there parents, to realize there sacrifice and hard working, how better can be the love on a strange they kept is true? Love is a beautiful feel one could get from other and not by destroying others and ourselves to suffer for life long. Many parents today struggle to make there children to put on correct path, what ever disobedient and wrong habitant they are… they still hesitate to take strong decision that could feel oppose for children, but those are the only option to own there children back. Came across some people who could not give there parents even a piece of peaceful moment and in love, parents move in distress and not feeling to loss there honor, so they keep the doors close for anyone to disclose there freedom.

The wish and desire for what is decides the life. We must know is that possible to wish for anything without affecting others? It is boundless to get into desires, but some are in highest for which we have to grow that much or able to climb on our foot. For some it was like hanging on someone’s shoulder to get there desire done without getting stressed and hard working, even though without thinking how much burden can one support. Mind only to wish, but we have to search the path to make it alive and the support of the circumstance is a big part of lives. For a lonely mind another mind is the solace, so we can’t live always on our wish alone, have to go along with circumstance and which should also be an encouragement for positive wishes. We have to get support of hands to win carom, legs to run across wining, brain to success in chess and in the game of life, team effort of family and surrounding is must, to give and take. Kept occupying on peoples thought for good cause would remember our life and what we talk then could be talk of the town. Just think before step and put your path on right direction.


Alok said...

Well u have to accept Jeevan a part of the problem is also why should parents object .. it saddens me to see parents being hurt by their children ... but I am sure many a times it is inflicted by ones own resistance to let go ... and I have also seen the happy endings where this acceptance / agreement has been reached ..... the decision of how to lead his / her life should after a particular period be left on people who is going to lead tht life ... it means no disrespect ... it means no less an honour ... it means no less a love ....

Not sure if u agree with me but respecting one's parents does not mean one can't choose his/her partner .... Respect to me Jeevan is on ideals ... is on individuals and is on upbringing ....

I loved the line where u said a lonely mind finds solace in other mind... u struck a chord there Jeevan ... irrespective of my take on the things one thing tht surely comes up clearly is the fact tht u have a beautiful and loving soul

Take care


Shiva said...

Very thought provoking post Jeevan. Can agree with some; Can't agree with some, for all things are relative!

Yeah! It's true that our needs, wants, desires define out lives.

When one's desires are very intense, even this whole universe will act upon to fullfill that desire.

Anonymous said...

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Keshi said...

We all hv certain desires that we value so much..a passion that we deem to reach. In thar process, we mite hurt some loved-ones. But that hurt is something these loved-ones inflict upon themselves. If a a son/daughter wants to marry a certain partner, why do parents feel hurt by that? Respecting and loving one's parents dun mean u sacrifice another love in ur life.


Jeevan said...

Alok - Nothing matters me; just I feel to express what comes as thoughts. One could really learn when he express and share with others to know what they think about it is it, so is like what I hear and visible through some people came the post. First I should tell that I haven’t expect any relativity, because I could not look after any one than my parent, so one living under parents shadow would only think it is the greatest than other.

But too mention that some and not all parents and their daughter/son. Could see some parent without leaving children and children without leaving parent and suddenly want to leave would hurt both, those times it is better to decide correctly that should not be a injure that lack to hide. It was very nice sharing with your thoughts, thank you buddy.

Shiva – There is no compel to agree with me on everything, because the practice is different for people and the rules and principles are vary. So for that every desire must be looked upon by others and not stop every existence. Thanks shiva, glad u have get time to visit my side, I wish u be in blogging always :)
Multifunctional – Thanks for you visit, hope u have a nice blog, will check later. :)
Keshi – sure parents will feel hurt, just losing there dear one for the love on other and it will not be a nice relationship, but I should also listen to your as u said parents should also understand the children and same as children to decide without affecting each other. We can’t deny the parents sacrifice and the children’s desire, so even most parents are ready to sacrifice there life for children, but why not a children? Both the ends of a line should come near as point that is one. Thank you dear for the comment.

Lakshmi said...

very thoughtfully said...but its always done in the best intentions..when children do fall in love, its not that they dont love their cant choose one vs another..the issue is usually when parents see this as a defying act and then the disagreement starts

Azer Mantessa said...


wow! what a posting ... a thought provoking and i also like alok's view on this one.

as a father of 5 kids 20(m), 19(f), 18(f) 15(m) and 9(m) ... will keep whatever is written in mind.

Jeevan said...

Backpacker – true, good understanding between parent and children can defeat any thing comes in life. Thank you :)

Azer – Thank you azer! I was to think you must be a father for kids and not children in teens. I hope they got a father whom could understand them well :)