Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A dream

Lights on dream, only I open doors
and lead to expand through express
Life for dream, even if I workout carefully
I can’t give life to departed
Living on dream, even disperse and distance
hours after waken still last dreamed

Thinking of dream, its free lack of demand
and it’s my secret none can’t seek
In dusk, my dream gives colorful gleam
in display of firework show faraway ashore
Flowing colorful dreams and a strange feeling;
like rough waves and fear of shattering something
I still enjoying like the moment never re-turns

Dream on my dear hero; exist nearly
anytime rarely in night dreams
Tales to reality, everything wonders is dream
in fantasy everything is possibly in desires
Love or passion my dream, it lasted no more;
some rage like people disputing protest
banners and weapons, resist me dreaming
and the night dream ends eternally.


vishesh said...

without dreaming there is no life...

Alok said...

unexpected ending Jeevan but well said ... but we continue to dream ... even against all odds

Keshi said...

dreams wont be dreams if we dun wake up from them.


priya said...

Dreams are part of ourselves coz we live with it.

brocasarea said...

nice one!!!:)....thanks for visiting my blog!!!

krystyna said...

Amazing, lovely poem.

"A dream is a wish your heart makes".-
Walt Disney - Sleeping Beauty

Let your dream come true!

Meghna said...

Hi Jeevan,
awesome! I too wrote a poem on dream but I can never make it as beautiful as yours :D
I've got so much to learn from you.....

Jeevan said...

Vishesh – Very true

Alok – Thanks bro. yes it continues, not always same is it?

Keshi – hum... at least to write it here :)

Priya – something deep in our mind comes in dreams sometimes...

Brocasarea – Thank you and nice having u :)

Krystyna – Thanks dear, but I know some dream never come true.

Meghna – Thanks so much dear :) you just wonder through your writing and reading interest, and to be a sweetest poet I have ever seen. hope u are enjoying your school holidays?

krystyna said...

Never lose your faith, dear Jeevan.
When there is hope
there is continuity of life.

Shiva said...

Nice poem Jeevan