Friday, April 18, 2008

Missing Woodlands

Oh, it was a disappointed dawn the last Saturday, where dad waked me giving a shock that Woodlands was closed late night. Woodlands Drive-in is more than a restaurant to me and the second favorite place in Chennai next to beaches. Soon I hearing the voice, moments in mind passes as images before eyes, and can’t even imagine the closed gates of woodlands, which I have never seen, where the hotel operates everyday. I was visiting there from my childhood days where I could remember and even dad used to take me there when I am only 2 years, and we often spent our Saturday evenings at the playing space inside the drive-in. In centre of the city near the famous Anna Flyover with many huge trees and comfortable parking space, the restaurant operates with little calm inside with birds sending sweet noise.

Those days woodlands means great joy for me and bro who usual go there for playing at the swings, seesaw , spinning wheels and sidings. There was a horse ride also inside the Drive-in for children safari; where we could find a lazy horse or it was very old one moves slowly a round. I was the one to get fear of horse, and have gone on it ones, but my bro has went many rounds without fear and sometimes its hard to move him from riding. These are happened nearly 7-8 years back, and I never know the playing things are still working, but the horse riding is no more. Before, I wish to enjoy the comfort people having there food sitting inside there cars, but we were without car that time; today enjoyed the food as I wished, but could not spent in those playing space.

I couldn’t take it easily that my favorite place is closed now and the only restaurant I visit and could visit is no more and can’t hope it will be reopen, because of the government decision to create a big horticulture research center and a botanical garden like the Bangalore’s Lal Bagh in the18 acres of land. When ever I think about woodlands, I could be able to visit in a week or more days, but now I can only have memories and the thoughts will never exist. Last time I was there in February for meeting our blog friend Thooya; good time we haven’t get space inside the hotel, so we enjoy the moment under trees and special is footing in woodland after a long time and in my wheels. The only dish I like more is the plain dosai, which is my favorite dish too and it is the special I think about Woodlands. Really I miss more the pleasure this place gives me. Whether the land is occupied legally or illegally, it would be glad if the restaurant been allowed to continue there with parking. I know it will not going to happen, any wish will not take back the govt. decision. I wish the garden which is yet to come won’t destroy the trees.


vishesh said...

wish i can buy it...

Alok said...

I understand this feeling ... I underwent the same feeling when they were talking of closing the "coffee house" in calcutta. But thankfully there was a huge protest that followed and the govt decided otherwise ..


Ghost Particle said...

oh god, ive read in a few blogs too. this must be really sad. I had a few of my favourite places close down, the feeling is really bad. U will pass by it thinking like theres a part missing from your life. some place are our comfort zones and we wish it lasts forever.

Anonymous said...


krystyna said...

I understand you Jeevan, it's really sad.

Have a lovely, beautiful weekend!

Cinderella. said...

I have gone thru this da !
We has this fast food centre at the beach back in my home town, which I literally grew up with.
It was demolished 2 years ago. Due to some new rules.
We were all heart-broken, and it still pains so much not to fine it there, when we visit the beach now.
It just doesnt register that its not there anymore.

Jeeves said...

Woodlands is a nice place and sad to see it closed. Lets hope the place shapes up to something better.

priya said...

I remember being ther once. I think you will come across new places which feels comfort the say way you enjoyed ther.

Somestimes when we don't get it, its time to move on.

tulipspeaks said...

its not easy to accept when our fav things/place/person is no longer there. i can understand ur frustration well.


Keshi said...

It seems like a lovely place. Im sorry it's no more.


Jeevan said...

Vishesh - :)

Alok – who would like there favorites to be closed permanently? Now I am looking for the garden yet to come there and hope to visit then.

GP - many chennaites miss this place, I am too comfort with this only restaurant which is a motel to relax and eat.

Anonymous :(

Krystyna – Thanks, it was fine weekend krish... hope u too had.

Cinderella – there are some places which are not only very favorite for us, its desire by some to get hold the place. It affects so many. Thanks for sharing.

Jeeves – I too… welcome, nice having u here :)

Priya – I wish for that priya, must search some place.

Ammu – ture, but we are just forced nothing to do.

Keshi – yes dear :(

Shiva said...

They have closed Dasaprakash too. Can get those chilly cheese toasts and authentic ice cream. I felt the same way your felt.

Hope the garden comes up soon