Tuesday, April 29, 2008

With and without

Two and little more birds
made my day the only pleasant
in sounds sweetness,
ever louder from small gullet;
in serenity silent I listen to sonance
under concluded sky; the weather
glooming even cloudiness is high.

The hard inflow through windows
stronger waves lacks soothing wind
are sweating infrequently in sultriness
whatever the happiness
is uneasy of raising warmt.
Expected rain delays and dries throughout
where the emerged clouds feeless me
the motionless leaves and dried skin
in eagerness to chill
never the summer so thermal.

Harbors hoisted flags in advancing cyclone
the Nargis fear triggered allover shores
alike it’s no more for southernmost
even a pour is enough to given heaven feel
for the millions under havens of sultry cloud
looking heavily across sky in hope of rain.

Cyclone Nargis


priya said...

That looks like you are experiencing a storm out ther. How bad it is?

Keshi said...

Summer storm?


vishesh said...

i want rain!!! because of the heat i have a cold!!

Azer Mantessa said...

the sun shines
the rain falls

here in Malaysia

same thing everyday :-(

Alok said...

very descriptive Jeevan ... hope things are not tht bad


Jeevan said...

Priya – yes it’s a storm, for us it’s sultry strong. Seems like a heavy cyclone, but nothing will be affecting Tamil Nadu, may be a big disaster is warned for Orissa and Bangladesh

Keshi – hum… its heaver yesterday and even today.

Vishesh – let’s wish for rain, and you take care buddy :)

Azer – sun shine and rain both are not right here, many times.

Alok – hope everything went fine bro.

krystyna said...

I like rain but not this kind.
Again beautiful poem. Thank you!