Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Drop right, its our earth

Once we learn that human gives carbon dioxide and gets oxygen from trees/plants in cycle process to breath. Even today this process continues, but more carbon is given and little oxygen/fresh oxygen taken. Every moment carbon dioxide is been increasing in environment for human comfort and for our today’s needs. The roads been widen, new flyovers built for easy transport and to avoiding traffic jams so the trees removed and make the cars move freely and too carbons. That was not fully to avoid the development but also should concern about the carbon drinkers the trees to have a balance thing to stand. Many Indian states are to capture many industries to enter their foot and create business and to employment for their people, but one thing I feel they should see is the balance infrastructure and especially on pollution control.

Towards look clean city the Chennai corporations has put its first step from June 1, a ban on throwing garbage in public places and streets. To me it seems an unplanned rule for the Chennai citizens whom have practiced by throwing everything out and to see there are still overflowing dustbins here and there. It’s really a good plan and something I wished more to see our city clean and hygienic. The awareness would be a better thing to make possible this plan success, be preparing from school children, college youths, and office man everywhere and more important it should start from every home. Dropping waste comes to arguing most times with my cousins and they see it very silly what they throw never bothers them. I used to tell collection of drops the flood, but who listens. Ones we go to some place in public, we really search for clean place to stay ourself take for the beach, but how many of us realize a piece of the dirty is what we thrown last we visit.

We people don’t think seriously where all the city rubbish goes, just to know we are safe and clean. We are throwing everything out of our near boundary thinking it won’t affect us, but air has no bound, it spreads everywhere, when burning them it increases pollution. What to do for that? We have to reduce using plastics, make limit the vegetable and meat waste and recycle much we can like papers, water, woods and separate decay and non-decay waste thing. The energy and power should be saved; the world is not ending today, another side it still awakes and for future decades at looking for power.

World Environment Day
CO2, Kick the Habit! Towards a Low Carbon Economy


vishesh said...

a really nice post jeevan :) i think they should enforce the smoking ban will make our city better...

Keshi said...

good one.

yes we need to WAKE UP before its too late!


indianangel said...

nice article jeevan, now the corporation authorities are thniking to come up with another ban for those who urinate in public.

kuchi eduthadhaan korangu aadum :) its good that the government is waking up atleast now

Jeeves said...

Nice article..So much to be done on carbon awareness and so little known

Ponniyinselvan said...

i expected a lot of photos and an interesting travelogue about your did you enjoy your trip? the single flower tells a lot.

Annie Wicking and Loman Austen said...

Great article!

we take so much for granted nowadays. Anything which makes us stop and think is a good thing.

In this country we are all doing our best to recycle as much as we can.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

I think I missed quite a few of your posts...seeing your blogs front page only, I feel like commenting on each and everyone of them...all the posts are so beautiful...on this post I admire you spreading this message to the entire world on the occasion of Environment Day...I too believe, it is we who must take the initiate, to at least keep a bit of this planet earth clean & strive to protect it, so that our future generations can admire the beauty of this earth and not read things on history books...nice reading!

Jeevan said...

Vishesh – Thank you, sure they must, but I think already there is a smoking ban in public.

Keshi – if not now, when?! Thank you.

Indianangel – yes, that’s something irritation should washed away. I feel the govt. need more homework on any changes to bring. hum… kompu eduklana velaiku ahathu.

Jeeves – of course, nature changes and its ours to change according. Thanks.

Ponniyinselvan – there is one now. It was happier trip and to tell it was little stress free, so it goes to my family and everyone helped me.

Annie wicking – here very little do recycling and buy and throw is more. Yes, we should think to better leave more things for future.

Kalyan – I could understand for what purpose you are away from us and more to know u where checking mine often. Thanks so much buddy :) everyone has a bit to do for our earth, every bit collected to see something big. I agreed!

Alok said...

Yes i agree with the above SENTIMENTS, We need to gather our acts NOW