Thursday, June 26, 2008

Granny’s valediction

My grandma is retiring from her 39 years of service as a teacher in government school in Mamallapuram near Chennai, by this month end. We were attending her farewell and as well congratulate function yesterday evening, and I was feeling could I able to attend that function which I thought 39 years as teacher is not a simple act and by my wish she invited us and I went with more interest to share and by watching her most worth function in life time. If not to be my own granny, I like her so much, though she was a sibling of my grandmother and to tell mom’s aunt.

She started her carrier as a teacher in her age of 19, and she joined as a primary school teacher in mamallapuram from where she retires now. In those periods she has been moved to many schools in the region of Chengalpet a near town to Chennai. She has two sons and a daughter. Unexpected after her hubby who is also a teacher passed away and then to her often displacement on job and to our request she come to settle down near to Chennai, so we could feel of being with her.

It was the times as we children, soon the summer vacations starts our whole thoughts would be visiting her place and to be there is delight for me and bro, of the love we share with grandma, uncle and aunt – her sons and daughter, who is a year elder than me. None would be there dislike my grandma, as she is so kind and attachment to everyone and every time we visit there our memories waits in eager till we meet next time. My uncle and aunt are our best company in holidays, and we care so much each other and even the moments would be silly when we fight for no big reason. In the long run many things changed and in our heart we hold a place for them ever.

It was by 4 in evening the function was in process and more than an hour it lasted after we arrive. The colorful festoons brings a festive feel and children around to listen the congratulate speech by other teachers, headmasters of different schools wherever she served and panchayat leaders for her service as a teacher for 39 years. Finally my grandma spoke about her experience, and tales herself with students and teachers. She was near dropping tears when she tries to express how much the affection she kept on her students and their request to be there for making them learn some method easier, but I moved when she disclose her difficulty in teaching and visiting school daily. I hope she get more rest after her retirement and peace stay with memories of special moments in her carries of teacher.

After wishes, presenting gifts and the sweet words spoken about her could find a happier in her face and sure her mind must be. Just the sent-off haven’t end at school, in home she prepare for a dinner for us and to her colleague teachers who comes along with her as a custom of leaving her at home. More the clouds and rain in evening makes the moment pleasant and after we left home with satisfaction of being at a special moment of hers. In addition to wonder, the school she began her carrier and ends is to celebrate its century in 2 years which was started in 1910.


Kavi said...

It indeed is an emotional moment ! And going by what my dad went through, it must have been rather emotional !!

All the best to her. Thanks for sharing !

You have her genes...!!

Shiva said...

Like you mentioned, it is not easy to have kept a job for 39 years and I could still see from her face that she wants to serve more. Imagine the number of children she would have iniated into this world?

Hat's off to her and I wish her peace and happiness.

Glad that you were present by her side.

Shiva said...

Like you mentioned, it is not easy to have kept a job for 39 years and I could still see from her face that she wants to serve more. Imagine the number of children she would have iniated into this world?

Hat's off to her and I wish her peace and happiness.

Glad that you were present by her side.

Novinthen said...

Its not easy to take care of 1 kid for 1 hour.. I dont know how paati 'survived' 39 years with so many kids!... Must be her passion of course! Hats off to her! :)

Novinthen Krishnan

Keshi said...

OMG isnt she a great person Jeevan. WOW my best wishes to her n plz give her HUGS from Keshi, all the way from Australia! :)


Jeeves said...

Indeed a wonderful moment. To be cherished. All the very best to her.

Its nice to read about your grandmom and wish many teachers emulate her

Anonymous said...

Amazing lady .... I am glad you penned this moment down Jeevan ..... I am filled with a sense of energy reading this


vishesh said...

39 years! wow! A lot of my teachers have been in the field for 25 something...but 39!

Resonator said...

served as a teacher for 39 yrs!!..gr8 wishes to her..

thanks for sharing

happy blogging

flyingstars said...

Thats a great service & I believe you must have been proud of those moments even though a solemn moment but there are only a handful of teachers like those today...she has done a commendable service & now I think you can spend more moments with you granny.

tulipspeaks said...

it must be a touching moment for everyone!



jayant said...

read your blog for the first time and really liked the post.
Its true,we always underestimate the achievements of teachers.We forget that they are the ones who build the nation's future.yet,the profession of a teacher doesnt get the respect it deserves.
hats off to grandma!39 years is no joke!!

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

How sweet!She really deserves a standing ovation for her sincerity in her field!

Give her my best regards and lots of love :)

Have a great weekend buddy!

Vignesh said...

First time here,

truly inspiring story... and for sure it should have been an emotional moment for all of you..
all my wishes to u granny..:)

Vinesh said...

wow - that is a moving and inspiring story, Jeevan! your granny is a great lady!

krystyna said...

39 years of service is beautiful and long-time job as a teacher. She must be great!
Thank you Jeevan for sharing.
Best wishes to your Great Grandma!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Jeevan said...

Kavi – yes, she was tears when expressing her life with school, children and colleague teachers. Thanks so much for sharing buddy :)

Shiva – she is even interested to extend a year in service, but her health and some family problems resist her. I could wish she can go ahead and complete 40 year, but… let her take care herself and in peace. Even some leaders and headmaster spoke about her are then students of her, is really amaze me. Of course, she was happier seeing us and this achieve is not easy isn’t.

Novinthen – your are exactly right! Not easy as it is. Now she can teach her grandchildren…. Thanks novinthen :)

Keshi – Yes keshi, I feel the same. Sure she would be more happy to see all your comments and congrats. Thanks so much dear :)

Jeeves – Thanks so much for sharing this special moment of her. I quite along with your wishes.

Alok – Thank you for sharing buddy.

Vishesh – Thank you vishesh :)

Resonator – Thank you prema, yet not a simple is it!

Kalyan – of course I am looking forward. Thanks for this highly support kalyan, truly I am proud of her service!

Ammu – yes it was ammu :)

Jayant – nice welcoming you here jayant, suddenly I felt my bro have been commented, because his name is Jayanth. I agree with you completely, teachers are the constructers of our life building. Thank you :)

Sameera – sure, she may surprise of all your comments here. Thanks for the supporting her dear. Happy weekend too :)

Vignesh – Welcome here :) yes, we all had a different moment as it was the first time to go for a function like this. Thank you :)

Vinesh – Thank you dear buddy, glad to see :)

Krystyna – Thanks for sharing too dear. I wonder to know she joined as teacher in very young age!! Hugsss.

Lakshmi said...

My wishes and respects to your grandmother..I salute all teachers and for someone who has been there for 39 years-its amazing.and thanks for writing abt it..Its great to find such posts which are inspiring

Sujata said...

Thanks for sharing this Jeevan – very beautiful post. While reading this I was almost envious of you!
What an amazing achievement….

Thooya said...