Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Something past

Memories more than a decade’s exist
like fresh greenswards and bloomed flowers
available at the botanical garden.

The mood was to feel my presence
and I enjoyed the gifted weather,
looking wherever green and people
caring there handy cam those gleaming
when light and dark clouds exchange often
the pleasure inside the garden

Looking allover it remained the moments
rolling back on greensward slopes
besides wandered ever I was, thinking
like something never happened again
which was like a portrait today
when the light only bring those shadow

Lake as chill as it was eventide period
the stressful life inside sweater; waiting
as we swing for steamboats to arrive;
and the toy train in bank of man-made lake
as we move on it, joy comes through wind
and the only remaining train journey till.

Casual changes in life but unturned memories,
the invisible future never sign me – are none
inevitable is not going to be fine.
Those days are must enjoyed to its size
but in an unexpected world am.
I go somewhere today, but still I feel
missing the bliss and wisdom tells
there is more and some have no more.

It’s the opportunity and in a hopeless luck
everything is to enjoy, even the cold after sunlight;
my hands suffer for strength
and the only interest bring me up
if not whatever it was void, the interest,
power gives life this opportunity.

# Current song from Tamil film Nepali, my most favorite Kanavilae Kanavilae… a lovely song.


vishesh said...

i can see a lot of strength behind this one :)

Priya said...

Isn't it beautiful to write about self Jeevan. Power comes only when you feel you can do it with inner strength and you have with a nice poem.

Your poem summarizes about ur trips and yourself. Well done.

Alok said...

"Casual changes in life but unturned memories,
the invisible future never sign me" - strikes a chord .. and ofcourse the last line .. summarizes everything perfectly


*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

I have no words Jeevan!Your spirit is truly unconquerable :)

Keep it up buddy.Cheers!

Keshi said...

Jeevan, u r the courage...u r the strength.


Jeeves said...

Jeevan, I admire ur courage. Amazing poem. Just felt i was walking with u...

Meghna said...

Hi Jeevan,
You are a really phenomenal, terrific and learned (one who imparts knowledge too...atleast to me!) writer...I love reading ur poems!

Brother, thanks for all the encouragement you give helps me loads in my writing so I thoguht I'd say a big huge THANKS YOU!

ViJaY said...

Hi.. After a long time.. In ur blog again.. And lo!! Thats a superb poem. Well.. Really some good talent and amazing prowess and thirst in writing can emanate such beautiful poems. Great going!!

P.S. I have tagged u too.. Hope u will find the tag an interesting one.

Ash said...

You inspire me!

Kavi said...

Amazing ! Words with rythm meaning, soul & a song!! You are a hero pal !

Jeevan said...

Vishesh – Thank you :)

Priya – yes, very true priya, it’s the ability encourages one to do something. Thank you :)

Alok – Thanks so much buddy :)

Sameera – Thanks buddy, it’s cherishing you words :)

Keshi – Thank you dear, because u all give me :)

Jeeves – glad you liked it dear , Thank you :)

Meghan – It’s all sharing, exchanging our inspirations, and very happy to know glad I encourage you dear sis. That’s big words for me, anyhow thank so much :)

Vijay – Thank you buddy, nice to know u tagged me after sometime. Will do write soon!

Ash – Thank you ash :)

Kavi – Thank you bro, its encouraging ur comment.