Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Kodanad, en-route Kotagiri

Pleasant views

Thus it does happened to be the last day in Nilgiris, where the majority increases in our families against unbearable cold, that was the amount of clouds and rain lasted before night and make all grasping while on shopping, but am wished one more day to stay. And no arguments, I can’t go against none and agreed getting down by eventide. Before, we had much time and moved ahead to Kodanad which is 15 km from Kotagiri, that some 40+km from Ooty. I have heard about this place and the pleasant weather almost throughout the years and very calm comparing Ooty. As my cousin studied in St. Jutes Public School, Kotagiri, for a year then, so I get to know every time he describes the place and his wish that I come there before he leaves, but unfortunately he left the school when I was visiting there. By 10am we left the hostel and reach Kotagiri through some sharp curves and turns, along more green and tea estates, with clouds flew sending shades on slopes and the dark Blue Mountains...

My cousin’s school & Blue Mountains

The 15km drive from Kotagiri reaching Kodanad is full of green tea estates, somewhere people picking leaves and villages with factories besides beneath sending smokes mixes with mist and the rust lands yet to cultivate. And what more, the rain yet to come circumstance and dark clouds covering peaks are just amazing and pleasant ever. The road finally end at the Kodanad view point, where the road keeps on stretching, I am searing and still kept going around the green estates…. And thus I seek, hence I can’t visible the Kodanad estate big-house belongs to the former CM of our State and the time she was staying there when we were.

Rangasamy Peak & Milky falls

Little far that sights the Rangasamy Peak, from the view point, that seems like a holy hill for the people on this region and it’s like the peak refers to a divine. It conforms through wiki, ‘this is a shrine visited by thousands off pilgrims from kongu region and other places yearly.’ Just right below glanced a quite beautiful falls, flows like milk poured and far away through blurred mist, visible a squirm path that thinks to the Bavani River what my cousin told. More than the peak and valley, it’s the green tea gardens surrounding the places simply fresh the views and clean air and weather situation feels awesome… want to be there again sometimes later, just sitting on the monkey’s seat, ‘the defense stones on ghat roads, where monkeys sit often’, and enjoy my stay quite alone just like that.

Kodanad valley & Tea plant cultivation

It was nearly 4pm we get back to hostel in ooty, ate our lunch and get packed things climbing down the other side. The majority of those wish is to visit Mysore and it was delayed by 6pm in evening climbing down in dusk. The southwest monsoon is in rush, seeing the dark clouds to saying ‘if u stay here I will hit u back’. It’s another fun and thrill to write on traveling on this stretch towards Mysore, clearly its night going on the forest ride. I just want to extend the writing on this elevation, so it may continue in other post. Thank you.

Green tea garden


vishesh said...

amazing! breath taking!

Priya said...

I have visited twice when my friend lived ther and such a peaceful place. More than Coonoor Kotagiri is a lovely place.

Nice capture ther.

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

These Blue Mountains,simple glorious they are!

Nice shots buddy.Did you travel by the toy train? :)

Kavi said...

Cool pics !!

Keshi said...

lovely scenic pics!


Resonator said...

beautiful sceneries..

happy blogging

david santos said...

Very nice posting, Jeevan!
Happy day.

Anonymous said...

Truly pleasant views indeed...oh what lovely can feel the serenity there & simply love that refreshing view of the tea you had a wonderful tip there...lovely!

Jeeves said...


Shiva said...


Breathtaking snaps. Though I have been through Ooty many times, I couldnt make it to Kodanad. Next time, I'll make it.

Looks like you new camera is doing wonders

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Dropping by to say...

Have a nice weekend! :)

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan, thank you for this beautiful trip, I really enjoed my time. Great photos, amazing!

I saw in your album beautiful sunflower. Can you borrow me this pic some day? I like sunflower and I'm going to post about it soon.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Solitaire said...

Very beautiful!!
Came to tell you that Psychobabble is up and running!! Hope to see you there!

Anonymous said...

heavenly Jeevan ...


Jeevan said...

Vishesh – Thank you.

Priya – I agree buddy. Thanks, I enjoy the weather felt.

Sameera – Thanks so much, I miss that journey much and loved to have. Have a wonderful weekend too buddy.

Kavi – Thank you.

Keshi – Thanks dear.

Resonator – Thank you prema.

David – Thank you.

Kalian – yes it was so memorable fresh… those are lovely green tea gardens, can’t get away my views. Thanks so much buddy!

Jeeves – Thank you.

Shiva – I must have got some details on this Blue Mountains before heading, but next time will get more info on this. Those pics are not taken from my new cam, it my uncle’s cam! Thank you.

Krystyna – Thanks so much dear. Sure, glad u uses my flower picture and let us knows the important of the post too. Take care, happy weekend too.

Solitaire – Thank you! Sure would be right there soon.
Alok – Thanks buddy, have a nice weekend.

Lakshmi said...

Tea gardens are so beautiful and your post has taken me there..

Arun PK said...

Thats breathtaking... I can feel the whiff of fresh air from here!! I will visit the place sometime... mist n mountains is my first love in life!!.. once again.. i just loved the pics.. :)

Holidays said...

Hi Jeevan
Great description.
We have posted your link on our website at “Trip of the Month” page. Please have a look.

Anonymous said...

Hi jeev.. Wonderfull.
Can u help out by giving me information if there is any guest house near by that peak. Let me know what would be the cost for 15 people for staying 1 night.