Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Depict on freedom act

i am the one sitting in chair behind all

Casually one day I come across this decade old news paper which I saved sometimes back, that have my picture taken from my school’s Independence Day program. It was the only cultural program so far I have participated that could be particularly on India’s 50th Independence Day celebration at my school. Normally being shy to appear before crowd, I always lack raising hand when a circular comes in registering name for those like to participate in annual and Independence Day celebration. One time teacher added my name and knowing am not interested, but getting permission from mom made me take part in Villu paatu. I feared how come talking and singing before many for first time and thought to be withdrawing, but our teacher and principal encourage me to partake as it would be nice making all students involvement. So i was asked to come in traditional wearing of dhoti and white shirt, and girls in silk skirt and shirt. Our team was lead by friend kavitha; me and mate senthi with some junior class students’ as chorus, our story rolled with question and answers about freedom leaders and their struggle as a song.

Reached sometime by 6 in morning, unusual being so earlier get prepared myself with dialogues and wearing dad’s dhoti, tension climbs as time nearing. Adding, mom left home leaving me at campus and sent aunt to look-over the program and bringing me home. It was something like wording ‘thanthanathom endru solliyea villinil paada, amma villinil paada…’ at every end of the piece of information on freedom. They have given the chorus a two piece of metal known as ‘chingchak’ and giving away the bow tied with bells beaten with a stick to kavitha. Truly what we have singed then is out of remember now, only the scenes remain. I was carried in a chair to the ground by my friends and teachers courage to do better. Eyes searched for family face, none found in what in between me missing some lines that unnoticed in the long run story. In conclude it was proud to get applauds what gives a feel out of cage and what carried on in walk is pride.

It happens to be one special moment in my life. As said by some the patriot and national pride least when one is out of their school. But for me is more been out of school, the meaning of being a nation proud and what I am doing is nothing for my nation. Having freedoms to think, to look in my wishes but not really working in desires and in mass uselessly pass by. What is freedom? Who could work on his interest, to live on what is given, fearless to be true, is what the freedom I realize for myself. Is the pain and struggle only the fighters sense, but audience, they watch and feel happy when there fighter wins, express sorrow and disappoint when they lose. The fighters I like to mention her are my parent, if not them where is my freedom, first parents then the patriot.

The independence is history, taught by our teachers and leaders; today we think of it on these days alone. What today done is tomorrow’s history; even a blast could be counted for decades celebrating as a day. We are fighting with terror and anti-society today, restrictions for manyand the one is celebrating our own independence which is called. What’s the reason I think about freedom, it’s misused by some affecting many. An earthquake triggers vibrate, alike somewhereexplosion cause hesitate being freedom, is what getting strengthen terrorism. Unity among people will break the strength and rumors, and what I feel being us apart is comparison which brings a brake or gap leaking our collected drops of water. Being unity is safe and strength. Happy Independence :)


Jeeves said...

"Being unity is safe and strength". Well said.

Vishesh said...

lol i have to go to skl at 7 in the morn! btw the happy independence at the of the post reads indepdence....the white part isn't appearing ;)

Priya said...

Glad you save that newspaper and what an amazing piece to look back. Wishing you to Happy Independence day.

Vishesh, he has used 3 colors and since its in white its not visible.

Sameera Ansari said...

Nice pic!This post reminded me of the I-Day functions I have taken part in school.

Happy Independence Day in advance :)

krystyna said...

Jeevan, it is an excellent post
and very beautiful, invaluable photo. What a wonderful reminder!
Thanks so much for sharing!

Happy Independence Day to your beautiful country India!

Keshi said...

Excellent msg!

Happy Indep. Day Jeevan!

Hope all ppl realise that it isnt only for today that Freedom be understood.


Vyaachum said...

Hi Jeevan I absolutely love your blog! It has got very good posts. Sorry to hear about your grandma. May she watch over you peacefully. By the way, I have started blogging again. Please do visit and invite your friends as well!

Sujata said...

Nice picture and an invaluable memory…..

Annie Wicking said...

Thank you for sharing this with us all.

Your country has grown and changed a lot, but sometimes it takes a long time to reap the full benefits of such a huge change your country made so long ago.

I wish you much peace and happiness,

Best wishes,

ghost particle said...

Nanba, well this is one history I learned today. I know you will cherish it forever.

Happy Independence day (and life). :)

Shuuro said...

nice thoughts jeevan, happy independence day. hope as a nation, we do well and prosper

Jeevan said...

Jeeves – Thank you!

Vishesh – my school started by 8am only then. You select the word to see the hidden words :)

Priya – Thank you priya, just thought why not write about it :)

Sameera – Thank you, glad I remained you:)

Krystyna – Thanks so much dear friend.

Keshi – yes, of course. People should think the united to be freedom all the way. Thanks keshi.

Vyaachum – glad to you see u after longgggg time dear, nice to see u back in blogging, will do check soon :) keep blogging.

Sujata – Thank you.

Annie – Thanks so much for your wishes buddy, I wish you too all success.

GP – Thank you nanba :) hope we cherish forever too.

Shuuro – Thank you and we do friend :)

Itz me!!! said...

belated independence day wishes is always great to reminisce and get soaked in green memories of the past isn't it..good that you preserved the newspaper.

Anonymous said...

a wonderful post on the occasion of the Independence Day....lovely reading your thoughts...hope you had wonderful independence day celebrations!

Resonator said...

Lovely post Jeevan..
Sweet Retro for u isnt it??

happy blogging