Monday, August 11, 2008

Gold from Bird’s Nest

Its Glories moment of morning for India to won its first ever individual gold medal at Olympics, by World Champion Abhinav Bindra winning at 10m air rifle shooting event. Now India shines with gold in the globe, creating history by its own country. It’s a very great horror as citizen of India to Congrats him and let it be a beginning for India to won more medals.

It’s the bird’s nest I have ever watched the entire opening ceremony of the Olympics. There is no less in the expectation the progress given by Chinese for us the excitement. As the count down beings with their traditional drum beats the whole attention went on how the sparkle going to spring for the eyes of world. The Chinese showcased their rich art and talent in there colorful programs that in amusing way. It’s their real show that could not imagine those are not graphic animations. Whatever the technology grows, something creative by mind and performed by people always remain special, I see this in that way. I was put in adore at each performance and wonder at the magic like on television, without magicians, mean more than their face, hides behind stand in unity for there pride to make perfect.

The dancer above the sheet carried by seemed like a pretty young chick inside the nest trying to swing it wings, and the light coated dancers and the moving animation like performed in figures was excellent. It was unexpected when our Indian team will enter nest, and it’s atypical to entire order from any other to arrangement of Chinese scripting. Winning or losing is not the matter, but being the second much populated country in world, it’s miserable to see only few Indian sports men/women partake in the event and parade, comparing to small countries with many sportsmen. We aren’t possess at any, the point is why can’t we pull more soldiers into this healthy war where world unites to show their physical talent and strength to capture medals and pride.

It was something surprise at ending of the opening ceremony is to praise the torch. The secret behind the highlight of the show, after the complete round eyes opened wide to spot of lighting torch. The ingenuity led by them raises here at top of the bird’s nest. Happy Olympics, let sent peace everywhere and positive spirit across.


Resonator said...

I have also watched the opening ceremony..Act of excitement..
Proud moments ruling over us

happy blogging

vishesh said...

i loved the ceremony ! and we also got a gold!

Priya said...

Congrats to him and what a way to go:)

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

The opening ceremony was indeed very grand!May our team win more medals :)

Kavi said...

The ceremony was big time !! And this chap has really scripted history ! hasnt he !?!

Keshi said...

The Opening Ceremony totally mesmerised me!


Jeeves said...

Missed the opening ceremony. The medal is a proud moment for India. Jeevan, little correction in first para (honour).

Nice post..

Raghavan alias Saravanan M said...


That's really a glad and proud news to India! Congrats and Way to go!

Nice of you to have blogged. How have you been doing?

Shuuro said...

i'm happy with abhinav's achievement and surely he made country proud. but at end of the day, it is just 1 medal where as american swimmer has won 9 medals all by himself. we need to raise our aspirations and shouldn't just carried away with this small success. but for a nation with no olympic history it is something. since we don't have any plans for the future olympics, so we will depend on individual talents like abhinav & their hard work.

In my view chinese used olympics as germans did in 1930s and showcased their pomp to make a statement. they were awarded right to host olympics only after they gave their word to improve human rights situation which they didn't adhere to. anyways you can see beautiful pics of opening ceremony here:

krystyna said...

It is a great moment. Congratulations!
I wish your beautiful country many successes!

Thank you Jeevan for sharing about this happy ceremony.

Have a good day!

Jeevan said...

Thanks for sharing your happiness of our team winning gold. Let all our wishes bring more honor and medals to India.

flyingstars said...

First I like the title the most...Yeah its a proud moment for everyone of us.....indeed the opening ceremony has been one grand one & I doubt whether it can be replicated again in the can be said as a complete event.