Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Little faces

The sweet chami is my uncle venkat’s daughter and the smart Sachin is uncle senthil’s son. Chami is someone being very quite from other kids, and she smiles unique. Sachin is pretty support for any snap and he will smile cute, but he refuses when giving pose.

Last weekend I was again to my native home, according to my promise made to cousin as per there visit to my home the week before I was. It was something being together couples of years back getting to this apartment life, what never felt is so close. I remember people telling ‘being nearer, rarity unknown, just making the thought true the relation between me and cousins. Being away in distance shows how much we miss each others sharing, loving and helpfulness, but every wish is not possible isn’t it. If I can live on myself, I can go with there wishes, but sometimes more than desires it’s the comfort and easiness decides our life. Again they raise the topic of returning back to native, thus it’s impossible, though I somehow manage to give them vow to get rented any near home that comforts me.

The time passes easily with nothing to beat boredom, the life moves along people passing like clouds, new pretty wagons on road the views from balcony completes my time. The forgotten games where played, taking different pictures from object to lives, lived the moment to give and take pleasure, but there is little sense that people expect from me, without understanding my experiment. But I never take it series and thought to see them apart, thus I want to remove the tine line between our relations dividing the insight mind alike the line between sea and sky. It was the life came across many misunderstanding and still continues more kindly is because of the love we young people share each other. Its long time wish bringing our nuclear families into mutual family, but I must indicate the thin line lacks become real this. I wish the understanding beings us together and hope it brought together.


Vishesh said...

:) they look cute...

understanding needs silence and that we don't have much now days :)

Priya said...

An adorable and cute kid. Sometimes only when you miss, it makes to revisit again them isn't it.

Sameera Ansari said...

Awww so adorable!Hugs to Chami and Senthil :)

Anonymous said...

sooooooooooooooooooo cute..

Jeeves said...

Very very cute.....Lovely pics

Kavi said...

Lovely pictures !

Annie Wicking said...

What beautiful children with a bright future before them.

I wishes them much peace and happiness and to you too my dear friend.

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

oh...really cute children...our visits to our native places is always very special...I too love it & way of life there!

Anonymous said...

they are so cute!!! lovely kids!


Meghna said...

ooo....bro....shooo cuttteeeeee....sachin and chami...khi....khi...khi...nostalgia :)

Dawn said...

Very cute they are Jeevan and let me tell you- with this post one of your quality that has come up is about being a human with emotions :)
which is very rare and more over less is expressed :0
I appreciated it very much

starry said...

Just so cute.did you take those pictures.

Jeevan said...

Vishesh – u said very true. Thanks vishesh :)

Priya – yes, of course, we look for what experience a pleasure to get again. Thank you.

Sameera – Thank you!

Thooya – Thanks dear :)

Jeeves – Thank you.

Kavi – Thank you.

Annie – Thanks so much for your kindly wishes dear friend. Hugss.

Kalyan – something taken from there is much special, the pics and love :)

Ammu – Thank you.

Meghna – hum… so cute too :)

Dawn – Thanks so much dear :)

Starry – why don’t you hope :) Thank you buddy.

Resonator said...

Beautiful kutties..Chami's eyes especially..sweet pictures Jeevan

Happy blogging