Friday, October 24, 2008

Cold war

I am the victim of cold war
since am the soldier in field
struggle to overcome in battle
with cold temperature in mass

The sleepless night to think
look after by the combat
the heed comes from home leader
whom leads to fullest, witness
up and down in often temperature

Warmness gets the mass
sweeping nightmare of worse
bringing down his day official
to take-care the cold war

Every time the parents care
there son – soldier
to come out of source immediately
but somehow they support for victory

In this case they spent sleepless night
and day to watchful there son in field
of cold and temperature
to rise and down till it ground.


sachin said...

hi dear friend,
how r u?
ur blog is very nice...
pls visit my blog for great information..

thank you dear

Happy Diwali in Advance...
enjoy the festival with happiness..

take care..

Annie Wicking said...

These are strong words, my dear friend.

I'm moved by your words... You're a great writer, Jeevan

Peace and Love always, ((HUG))


Jeeves said...

Happy Diwali, dear. Very nice post

Ghost Particle said...

very very deep lines brother. i wish you are all well. I can sense what you are going through. hugs.

Jeevan said...

Sachin – I am fine, thank you.

Annie – Thank you dear friend :)

Jeeves – Thanks dear, wish you a happy deepavali too :)

GP – yes, am doing well with little cold! Thanks bro.

Ponniyinselvan said...

dear jeevan,
come on ,cheer up.

Priya said...

Cheer up. Its Diwali and be happy.

அமிர்தவர்ஷினி அம்மா said...

Dear Jeevan

no words to express my feelings on this poem.

Cheerup dear, World is yours,

Carry on dear.