Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some Q/A

Want to share my thoughts for just like that, which are my answers that I have post as a comment in keshi’s blog.

1. What is the one Thing someone has said(/done) to you that hurt your feelings the most?
I have the one in myself to hurt, so is anyone needs? But is the silent thing I hurt through understanding the pain and suffering of my parents, esp. my mother which I have given.

2. What is the one Thing that most people won't guess about you?
The reason behind my smiling, and sometime that’s the reflections of my imagine world, where romance and wishes exist ;)

3. What is the one Mistake people most often make in relationships?
Not conceding one another and accept to live within.

4. What is the one Spice in your cupboard you seldom use but if you threw it away you think you may need it?
I like pickles which I won’t use usually, and ask for when the bottle is empty.

5. What is the one Thing you don't have that will increase your energy and reduce your stress?
Few encouraging words from others sets free the harder moments and to move further. Add for positive circumstance.

6. What Is the one Reason you fail to lose(/gain) weight?
Lack of walking… and adjustment in diet!

7. What is the one Question that you should never ask a woman(/man)?
Enquiring about another girl and there age.

8. What is the one Thing (food/sweets/drinks etc) you can't say No to?
Brown chocolate cakes and my fav are the birthday cakes which have more cream

9. What is the one Thing that keeps growing as you use it, when all other things keep decreasing when used?
Interest, I am nothing a person without it and everything I live and learn is because of this.

10. What is the one Thing that you want your loved-ones to do when you die?
Anyhow we are going into depth as ashes or bury, before that I have something to do with my wish. I have decided to give my body to the medical research as if anything could help on the MD disorder, instead of organ donation which is nothing going to be useful to anybody. I hope my loved ones understand my wish to exist and I want to exit from the usual custom.


tulipspeaks said...

the last one was heart-wrenching



Vinesh said...

noble intention to donate your body to medical research, buddy jeevan.

as always, i pray from the reflections of your imagine world to come true in real life

krystyna said...

Woow... Jeevan!
Thank you for sharing!

You always raise me up.

Have a good day!

Lakshmi said...

what i really like abt your posts is that it so real, simple and human and it says a lot about you ...

And i love cakes too

Priya said...

A great strength and mind is what you have written here.

Annie Wicking said...

What an interesting posting, Jeevan.

But that's what I always find when I come here, my dear friend.
Though we are miles apart we are always close by in the blogger's world.. ((Hug))

Best wishes,


Sankri said...

I envy you… you have so much of strength and love. As mentioned by Annie,, although we are far away, but get closer through this blogger’s world.

Jeeves said...

The last one touched me. You have great strength. Touching.

Jeevan said...

Thanks so much dear friends, what u support puts me ahead. We must really thank the technology that beings us close to share our thoughts in significant way across miles. Is the thing we are connected by moods and heart to feel by words and the trust is very important we all believe in this relation. Thanks again :)

Ghost Particle said...

ill be here with you brother. dont you worry about anything. the world is ur canvas, write and paint and dream. all will come true. we will make it happen for you, with you.

i agree with ammu, the last lines... :(

Shuuro said...

after reading this entry i'm proud to be your friend, hopefully we will meet someday.