Wednesday, October 15, 2008


What we learn from schools and university stance throughout our lives, if not that moment later we realize the importance. The uniform worn in schools teach and showcase the indifference between students, visible or invisible all must been treated similarly is the intention of uniform. As well the cops worn the same uniform is to secure people in just inseparable manner, thus the society with varies people relating any community is there duty to give security equally and preserve. But thinking on few incidents recently happening around it doubts the true intention, is really this bud flowers. At least not in cities, the larger part of country faces the difference between students and cop to innocents where the community, caste and religion raise it heads.

What taught in schools or as young practiced survives until we stop to think why. What is happening in some schools out of sight is where the caste class rules. Some students seem to be low caste since treated unfaithful and shown partiality among would sharply scar in the young minds and the superiorities to continue. It’s the self priority people tries to grimy the uniform must be warned to keep there dirty ideas out of campus, so the students enjoy there freedom similarly certainly. Sometimes what taught in schools are not taken into practice, were the school itself not takes them into notice, then how come the mind-boggling? By removing the priority among young is led them to a better generation what take down the step to state equality.

The cops are alike students ordered by leaders to enforce the priority witnessing whatever happen to democracy and humanity. Is felt to apathy the hand fold police to immovable at communal mobs destroying others, where blood flood and pain kills the people, snatching there lives to survive. Our country stance for the unity among variation, but the few soaked communities doesn’t think like and chance to separation where the only power is uniform to bring down the democracy to stand. Its very disappointment to know how the cops handled the recent takeover by anti-communal priority in country, where people lack for security in there own lands and facing threaten to die or live under someone banner. The only thing we could expect are the cops in uniform, when that’s the chance for us so it should made tidy.


Meghna said...

I knw I can add a lot to this post coz a lot of us students are going thrgh this :)

Nice post bro :)

SKM said...

you are absolutely right. School uniform gives unity where as the cop uniform gives them power to think they are on the top of the world to do anything they like.

At young age at schools also at homes the children shd be taught about all these values.Where is it happening? useless,worthless Cinema,TV serials have pushed everything behind.very sad.

Thanks for visiting me jeev.How are doing?Keep well and Be happy.I knew you are like that. I just felt like saying it.Take care

Kavi said...

I recall uniforms being prescribed and changed every year as a deal strcuk between the school and the uniform making company !!

An uniform brings about uniformity.And collectively it could send out different meanings. And the one for the cops is so possible in our modern day society !

Keshi said...

great post!

Uniforms for unity..wut a wonderful msg!

with the Forces, they feel that they're the LAW...and they take PRIDE in their uniforms.


Lakshmi said...

what a wonderful thought..uniforms for unity..never looked at it this was also an identity for most of us

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Yes Jeevan..... wish all of us turn to our school days and simply live our learnings! We'd all be better people with an expanded sense of moral responsibility to do good at all times and to stand by our fellows at all times unconditionally!

You idea of having donning uniforms for unity is good..... perhaps that explains the camaraderie among people in the manufacturing sector!

Cheers on a good post


Vinesh said...

Uniforms are only ATTEMPTS at bringing about unity and uniformity. Attempts do not automatically translate to successful implementations of intention.

starry nights said...

Lovely post..Uniforms for unity.I thnk it is so important for children so as not to be discriminated against especially if they cannot afford all the name brand clothes kids wear these days.

Ghost Particle said...

bro...saw ur call bro. sorry could not answer, stuck somewhere. will call u back soon :)

take care.