Saturday, November 15, 2008

Assent dissent

Have see lots of examiners in while where only lose of hope and disappointment remains. Sill I go through examiners those convey to cure accurately and place deliverance within season. Few are lost of sight, some uninterested later in relation with disease and not understandable dealers about the real problem and support there own cause. I hardly get things better from varies examiners at different stage of life, but every thing incompletes so far and new hopes rise like hopefully I fake to move head. Sometime I anguish for unable to be a fatal, living fatefully, but I really agree to the thoughts that are more acceptable truly and these days I could not blindly deny the offer comes from loved ones. There are more people come across me visiting recommends the doctors they known to be curing some other fatal disease, but how much could we take practice where only disappoint derives.

Everyone told to have a thing certainly to cure, but how could I only hope now and I see myself have a reason to think like. Recently I was support by two acupressure medicos, the one just out of university of naturopathy whom unavailable later and a middle-age man who learned the tradition art, whom currently attending me. Actually not a profession in medicine, but a skilled person in acupressure what I want to agree with him is the explanation which has sometime to accept the truth. What the thing makes me aware is this type of treatment helps the free flowing of bloods circulation and release of pain, but what I think the problem to be treated is weakness of muscles which needs to reflect the inner power. The nerves inside needs the power of muscles which stops the force exit, may be am not sure about it just thought like that. Whoever, have one thing to maintain and continues to express the same in different names ‘Physiotherapy’. The only practice that could remain my activities to limit the process what is immense unknown. Let me wish positive and something change too welcome!


Dawn....सेहर said...

True, its all in one's belief too!
Its all about to activate the muscles and blood circulation in the body just like the engine...if untouched it will get rusted and no matter what you needs that recycling ;)
Good post buddy!
Keep the positive thought lingering

Jeeves said...

Take care and keep the positive thinking going.

tulipspeaks said...

Take care & stay strong.



Ghost Particle said...

dont worry bro, all will get better :) c u soon :)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Tough times never last, tough people do! You have it in you to become what you want to be Jeevan!

Life will give you the very best!



vishesh said...!

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
I'm so sorry, I understand your pain and your situation.
You are smart and strong man. NEVER lose your faith!
I think very soon there will be some medicine for MD.

I STRONGLY Recomment you:
put on your blogsite "Donation" link.

You need a good and long-term Rehabilitation and it needs much, much money. You need some medicine and some rehabilitation equipments. etc,..,etc.

Please, put this kind of link. It will be "Gift of Heart", from people who can and want to help you.
Please, think about this and do this.

Take care and believe...I believe in you, in your power.

Mythily said...

Take care Jeevan...

Mythily said...

Take care Jeevan...

Jeevan said...

Dawn – very true and I agree with you! Even still there is the but…. Thanks so much for your support dear :)

Jeeves – Thank you and for sure dear :)

Ammu – Thank you :)

GP – we are so glad meeting your brother, take care and have a wonderful traveling :)

Rakesh – Thank you buddy, and for the wishes :)

Vishesh - :)

Krystyna – if anything happens then that life would be a thank giving! That’s a good thought and that shows your care and love on me dear friend which is always there I know. Sure I consider your thought, but I hesitate what this place is right to look for, and also something could needed in future not known. I personally thing gift of heat must comes to all, thinking where, must I expect? Right now we are affordable to things… ok let me think before process. Thanks so much dear, love you :)

Mythily – Thank you :)

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

I so wish I could help you buddy,pity I am not in Chennai :(

Do go to a good Physiotherapist at least thrice a week(or ask them to come home) and it will surely keep you on the go :)

TC.God Bless!