Friday, November 28, 2008

I think

Summer Candle

Our knowledge develops more in education but is there anything taught to controlling our mind when it goes insane? Today not alone the wisdom is enough; we should teach how to clear the insane. It’s good for a better future to catch up, to get release from anger or anguish when something goes wrong or fail to success. So let we clear the deed first and make it possible that students or youth learn to make express there mind in right way. I wonder to think what happen to some people in name of terrorist, killing there fellow ones insanely, when we could understand the sense and pain of another person. I usually see anger comes when there is pressure and indigestible of what others enjoy something that we not. In the inability, some want to disturb someone’s pleasure. It was like that to see terrorist can’t accept the true defeat of human beings in union and development in there nature.

There is a powerful thing terrorism had got, it’s the youth. What to put in ground grows, so instead of putting well, some insane people put the evil that we face in terrorism. For a developed mind it’s hard to convince the thing as they have come across years of wise and mentally capability, so they chose the youth at there tender age. It’s the tree that could not bend, if would try, it broke, but not with a plant. As it is in beginning stage of growth it could incline anywhere the force of wind and comfortable space. This might thought the banned groups to pull young people into its target to bend and fold like there wish. Terrorism is not border based, county own or religions depend, it’s everywhere the mind thinks. More people have course to follow in life, few pickup very young and proceed towards there goal, and some have nothing to do get struck into the illegal net to endanger. Many are bewaring, whether there beloved ones may fall into illegal hand of not alone terrorism, other things like smoking, alcohol, drug addict, sex ect... there we need a course of action to get them back to norm in pain and anxiety.

I really don’t like making criticism of anyone I known to write here. But generally there is a feel among people that anything could happen inevitable, because mind won’t think always same. We come across many people, things and practice everyday what can be strange to unaware, when we try to follow, it shows the result, may be right or wrong it depends. Our mind must be prepare and capable to understand which path is right or wrong to chose, that can possible only one is aware of either sides of life. Many a time people hesitate to talk about some critical issues with children or students what’s happening around, well they may think it’s unnecessary to let them know, but I think it must for a bright future. It’s analyzed and realized that could result in our lives. I wish our generation gets better and best education to there knowledge and sane. All the best!

The picture of Kanakambaram flowers was taken from our flower pot, which scientifically known as Crossandra infundibuliformis 'Summer Candle'.


*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Very true buddy!It's never too early to know about one's country and to prepare the young ones.Gone are the days when childhood was pure bliss,today's little ones need to be more careful,sigh!

Lovely pic :)

Alok said...

very thoughtful ... very relevant .... something to think thru


vishesh said...


Ghost Particle said...

ur wishes and aspirations will come through nanba. our weapons shall be education, we shall create a world without fear, a sane world.

Ramyah said...

Very true jeevan.Budding youngsters should be immersed in education first and that will lead the nation to better path.

Ponniyinselvan said...

dear jeevan,
the main problem as u have said is education, but in a different form.As a teacher , i know, some students will work hard and harder but pathetically won't get the minimum pass marks even.They will be scorned invariably by teachers, parents, friends in toto.Unable to bear this humility they seek some resort where they are given some importance at least,thus by falling prey to these evils.
Many educationists have pleaded for a radical change in the educational system.but in vain.
Take this young guy [ the so called terrorist Ahemad (?) ].He failed in class 5 or 6 and and was ill treated by every one, and finally sent to a religious (?) school by his father who thought that his son would improve. There he was taught religious fanaticism.
Whom to blame?
karthik+ amma

Keshi said...

I really dunno if today's kids know what true innocence is.

I missed ya Jeevan!


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Very well written Jeevan. Hope education as a liberating force delivers us from all the evils that previal in today's world!

Jeevan said...

Sameera – you r right buddy, more times what the elder mind thinks reflects on children may it whatever. Thanks dear :)

Alok – Thanks buddy, nice to have u after long time. Hope u r doing fine and great :)

Vishesh - :)

GP – I wish the same let education gives better understanding and expressions. I think what I understand then in school is little than what I learn through interest in reading more.

Ramyah – I accept and think we need education to more to develop sane. Thank you.

Ponniyinselvan – There was a film Tare Zaamen Par teaches that every student has something special and few are uncommon to others. I agree we need a change in coaching, I really think what some students are not like others is there interest is different and schools decides only on marks, whether they understand or not. I think now unless we are unaware of situations on other countries we can’t express globally our though on education and growth.

Keshi – I could tell today there is an increase in grown up kids, where innocence badly misses. Welcome back dear, hope u r enjoying ur moments :)

Rakesh – let we hope buddy, thank you.