Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Its interest

I come, will not come, nothing in my hands, all decides someone what can I do. He is definitely puzzled he himself told, then why do people what to practice the confuse state and wanted to pull the unwanted I don’t know. Politics is not to show the power one has in-between public or his beloved, it’s an interest in peoples need those have to come in. As happening recalling his famous punch dialogue En vazhi thani vazhi (my way self way), why does people wanted him to do usual things alike other film stars? And unique could not be the same, if it was then where the significant is?

Interest should grow; as if we can’t make stable a tree without it roots grasp. Well how can we think a person make things certainly without an interest? I felt much badly sometimes make use of others for my interest that may not concern them, but surely they continue unless they get distress or something bothers. And I won’t give it much to reach, when I sense the discomfort in making I stop them doing. Must appreciate the star actor to think rightly on interest what I believe in survival. A hard work can brought easier when there is an interest in work and someone’s excitement is impossible in us unless there spirit sparkle in us.

There was a question asked in the interview ‘we are your fans, what have u done for us?’ I don’t know what really the actor what to do them. Are they expecting worth in his earning, or a chance in acting with him or they loved him for what? To his acting style, dialogue delivery and so as a fan anyone could expect those, but don’t we have our own works to do than imagining and expecting he will do this or that if we become a member of his fans club. None can force one to join in anything and its there own interest coming together to rejoice the common enthusiasm with those with same interest. Thus we share the friendship in blog, with no interest we can’t stay more and move in search of what next. There is two thing common interest and self interest. Common interest goes with those having similar taste and feeling, when it comes to self it’s the development and difference belong to us and those are unique sometimes. Thus interest is more in decision and must not felt later picking the uninterested.


Meghna said...

Your posts are always very thoughtful....nice read :)

Vishesh said...

:) he might ;)

Keshi said...

Rajinikanth is a fine actor. But I dun u'stand when fans expect more than that from him. He gives great Entertainment so lets just stop at that. We cant expect him to solve our problems just cos he's a good actor?

**A hard work can brought easier when there is an interest in work and someone’s excitement is impossible in us unless there spirit sparkle in us.

I agree totally! Well-said Jeevan.


Anonymous said...

hmmm deep thoughts jeevz..
i don't get this issue at all..

ghost particle said...

i wait for the day a man from the streets nor a movie star can become a just leader for TN :)

Ramyah said...

Well said Jeevan.No point forcing someone doing something but it's pity that his fans can't understand that.