Monday, November 10, 2008

Life unlike more

Life is just like that, love and cares are lack of veracity according to some! Few disclose there true mind sometimes, thus how well they understood the importance of close relationship and life. I could not feel how some people are senseless to not value a life such have same feelings and wish to live. Sudden lose of lives is happen to be a fall of leaf that later nothing related to the tree after it’s depart, so as a couple of incidents I come to know make me feel what the difference tree and leaves to human and relationship. Any problem in family could be solved, if not, that’s not mean to forget a relationship or goodbye to the member of a family. In the two incidents I see the problems between family relationships are dared to give up the loved ones without realizing the importance and feeling of those. Though both are uncommon and the good will process is failed to give significant and make worse the situation which happens to be a positive aspect.

I came to know one of our distance relatives’ son is missing for a month now. I don’t have much practice with him, thus I know him for long time through my uncle’s family as he was very close with them, because he was my aunt’s nephew. He lost his mother when in age he can’t understand the lose and then his dad remarried to his own aunt to take care him, as she is his own mother’s sister so that she may love and heed more. But unlike they think he didn’t get much affection and care from his aunt and after her own children he faces lack of affection and attention which turn anger and in anguish his path changed direction. His only support where the grandparent’s and father who rarely pay attention is profession to sculpture so he put him back in craving, thus this work gave him abdomen problems and though he was a cardiac patient by birth get operate recently and more his familiarity created incidents in relationships and in this situation he got missed or away in distress.

What really bothers me here is the care the family got on his disappearance. There was indifference in my uncle’s expression, because they know the information only two weeks back and he enquired directly to there home to know the worse they not even much bother in seek of him. When asked his father, he expressed nothing and ashamed to complain in police of his disappearance and in such incidents rumors are like easily spreading disease adds more puzzle to the situation that he ran along with a girl! In calculating this, more than to care, his father the only person to response is just like that to felt nothing in his hand and what admits is fate! In no certainty what really happen to him, how come these people believe in rumors, but not their son. Thinking on this I could not stop to surprise and wonder what the relationships are! Whatever he may wasn’t he a survivor and son to a father. I thought what if his mother to be alive would she left him alike. To a mother whatever her son to be misfortune or negative in character she cares truly to anything in world. Even people are kind towards animals and care for there survival, such things testify the human trusties and reflector.

My aunt and uncle are so upset because of this, as he only shares with them and they can’t do nothing than enquire at all places and make there well knows to let them know any information comes according or have see him somewhere.

Above one was opposed to what I suppose to come. In that case it was about lost, here the incident is of well known lose. Damn I feel unhappy knowing the incident, that a relationship is touched as a side dish and later the food becomes contrary even side dish get to wastage. I see how a flower before blooming is picked at its bud and thrown back to its belonging where it can’t be fixed again or into usage. I like to mention the flower here is a 3-4 year old girl child, what I try to sense the mind of her, a very difficult task to even think and felt how some are bold enough to hurt the child. Coming to the incident, it’s about one of my old neighbor’s daughter who married to be not conceiving for 4 long years adopted a child in months, to make a welcoming moving and a good concern too went all along until recently. By this time the child was 4 years, receives more affection in their family and they celebrated the child as a wonderful gift makes everyone including me to wonder at there acceptance and rejoice the uncommon relation.

I truly applaud people who accept the adoption in life, thus such executions fulfills the parentless children there rights for craving and disappointment or show them we are here to embrace. Even I spend nothing than from my dad’s pocket, I show direction to those parentless children who want to help in worth and peace. I think often at moments getting something above me deserve or desire, the thoughts come across these children who have no parents to ask or express there needs than to accept what is given. If not my parent’s where do I stand is unimaginable, but mind getting stronger in anxious to think no one to care in future where my end is! To be a parentless there courage could bring them up, but for those only with mind and no action? The option is thinking and understanding can only be the answer.

Back to incident, the parent’s who adopt the child is now diverse of anything reason, the child is back to orphanage or somewhere no idea, the women is living individual now. She works somewhere and stays with parent home – mean to our next native home, practices indifference with what the well-known could think of the child whom they introduced and make familiar with neighbors. Though we can’t be worriless, may be they could because it was a choice in there life choosing a child does not make difference to survive with them. I have a question if it was there own child will they make the same decision? They got the priceless in the world, where they lost somewhere in no cost, but what bothers the child could be lots of pain and suffer certainly. Knowing this I have no words to explain, what I witness then is lose of sight and to think is deceive right now.

‘If we desire for a fish and in some situation the pond is collapse, it’s the same desire could renovate the pond to give life a fish.’ When it’s not a desire and only the decision towards anything to show absolutely and time comes the rain wash away the true or lie to displace. There was another couple I know, who really cares for their adopted child and I see true craving for a child after so long patience and I visible the wise behind there decision. First, ones relationship should be smooth, so that any lives or things pass in pleasure and secure. And if we are enough to accept any life similar to us, is not life just like that and unlike more.


Vinesh said...

Adoption is a very noble thing. Very few have the heart for it.

Lakshmi said...

very touching and moving post jeevan..

geeth said...

Human can realise the value only when there is absense.

Keshi said...

WOW this is so sad! I was touched by this story...I cant even imagine wut happens to children when they lose their parents or when they get remarried to someone else. It must be heartbreaking to say the least!


monu said...

i think that was so cruel..letting go of the child....pains my heart

Sujata said...

Very rightly asked question...will they do the same thing if it was their own child? My guess is not really...So where is the child now?

Ponniyinselvan/karthikeyan said...

my heart is heavy and i feel as if it is 100 kg.very sad and your heart touching narration makes it all the more heavy.