Wednesday, November 19, 2008

M.N. Nambiar passes sway

M.N. Nambiar is a wonderful villain character in films, and facial frightening hero ever seen!! He is someone very unique and truly there was a wish in my heart that he lives longer and strengthen. Not one or two to remember, in his every character in films he print stamps, there was a film I loved ‘poovea unakkaga’ where he played a grandfather role in childish behavior, to think this role comes to mind first and his special styles of squeeze palm, rollover eyes and cheek abbreviation are none make him forget this veteran of world cinema.

Reading the flash in sun news afternoon was felt calm for minutes! Let his life be an example for young to being obviously good character in real and he is a man to server his belief to lord Iyaapa. There is no such actor and human like him going to appear in stage and he is the ruler of villains and roll model to those take his path! A lose who none equalize, lets wish for his peace procession and resting.