Thursday, November 13, 2008

True wins

Whatever, the true wins. The hidden thing is happy or misery, the intention wins finally in the infinity life. Every day we learn lessons through experience, such lessons makes wiser in thinking and gives courage to advance in future or further decision. Today I gone through intense thoughts that changes frequently in intend desire, when varies minds disclose different distress and happier, gets myself disturbs. The decision must be ours, don’t we have to think with intension and thus everyone has a purpose to think and wish. There is nothing perfect like blue sky, and have to see one have foots to walk when there is no path compare to paths, with no legs to walk. I seriously think courage is the foot does and knowledge to accept the fate!

The mirror I have here is to mention what we see is not certainly true, but we obviously believe what it shows is sure. In another point of view it shows truly our mind, where is happy or unhappy we try to hide the deed in make-ups. When our life itself not easily accepted, and thoughts are what expect to go easier?


Ponniyinselvan said...

// where is happy or unhappy we try to hide the deed in make-ups.//
that's what i am doing all these three years.
a good introspection.

Lakshmi said...

a very touching interesting post ..

starry nights said...

so true , we may see one thing in the mirror and the other person may see something different, but that does not mean that he is wrong.I think that is what makes us different.

Annie Wicking said...

As usual, Jeevan, You have made me stop and think about my life.

The eyes are seen as the mirror of our souls. To look into to a mirror it is easy not to see the whole picture only ourselves looking back at ourselves. Would it not be better to see where we fitted in to the bigger picture and the world around us.

Each and everyone of us are important to this world of ours. Each of us have a part to play in this life of high drama we live in.

Best wishes, dear friend. ((Hug))


krystyna said...

Whatever, the true wins! Right!

Our soul, our inside is like a mirror...this mirror shows who we are..without make-up.

Have a good, happy day, dear Jeevan!

Jeeves said...

Dear, Very very nice post

vishesh said...

truth is not the end but means to an end :)

Kavi said...

Mirror gives you the true picture ! As and true as it can get !!

Wonderful post !

Jeevan said...

Ponniyinselvan – Thanks ma, indeed what we face not reflects the true person.

Lakshmi – Thanks buddy :)

Starry nights – Very true! We should not see none wrongly without knowing nothing about them just in looks

Annie –First we must like ourselves through mirror, before facing someone. Each look have mean to difference to all, and the unusual get stranger.

Krystyna – of course, we alone know who we are. The appearance could attract, but our innermost hides through that. Have a wonderful Sunday dear.

Jeeves – Thanks dear :)

Vishesh – truth is to live peaceful :)

Kavi – Thank u buddy!

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Indeed!No matter how strong the surge of lies,truth always triumphs in the end,be it visible or otherwise.