Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Past and present


My cousin bother ashwin came home last evening to celebrate his birthday with me. He burn and blow the 10 candles mean to indicate he completes a decade and to share his cookies. Seems like unexpectedly we all get together for his birthday, what unusual, because certain things won’t come closer and we wish him calling to sudden remembrance, if not thus. I regret how I forgot his birthday I won’t mostly. He is someone very sweet and fond being the youngest in our all. I liked him for whatever he wanted to come here urging his parent to celebrate his birthday with us, and the moment last least but quite enchanting to mind in joining with our elders and cousins. Soon they left; the moment last for no matter and there were something to think from my bank of memories.

This day not only remember his birthday, a shadow yet to be real in someone’s life affects my relationship with one. On the same day a decade back, knowing the sweet news that my cousin is born, there was another message that my close cousin’s father engaged into a fatal accident – his bike met with a truck. It was the incident what happens after brings down a huge distance and sorrow differentiates my relation with that cousin. When it was remembered, the mind goes back in seeking those moments. We were uncommonly practiced relatives, but mind where so close to play and longing for the days to come yearly. Even thought later the distance becomes short, there was the mind that was not. I could not easily forget those days said to be the very pleasant moments in my lives. A life’s sweetest and wonderful are the childhood days, none could have forget those and ever to memories. My relationship is not lost; it’s forgotten by that person.

I couldn’t easily to think what distinguish our relationship. I could still feel the person care on me, but there are no expressions of love and not alone me, to none of those whom closely deserve. It’s right the self and carrier is important than nothing, but that mean they have to forget everything savors in past and should not try to realize how the change affects deeply someone whom cares? I think to childhoods are limited to the growth of knowledge and in self intense intention. There is no bound then in sharing our thoughts, wandering around; the solitary nights to depart in our innocent thoughts to insignificant talks extends beyond midnights. Glad the memories exist, even the person stops thinking. At least with me, something to felt from past that life was beautiful and inspiring more.


vishesh said...

:)happy birthday to your coz :)

starry nights said...

Happy Birthday to your we treasure the childhood days.

Jimmy said...

BEl Happy Birthday

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Ghost Particle said...

happy birthday to ur cousin nanba :)

the rest of the writings are sad, provoking and honest. dont worry bro, you have all of us. and ur heart will always shine for everyone. people come and go, but the important thing is they came, at one point in time, they came :)

hugs nanba.

Miladysa said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your cousin.

I had a wonderful childhood - in fact I am still there half the time :D

Rakesh Vanamali said...

My belated wishes to your cousin on his birthday! It is so much of a matter of joy to celebrate birthdays!

So much a part of our wonderful childhood! Sadly, we've grown out of spirit while the party has grown!

Lakshmi said...

belated birthday wishes...hope u guys had a blast..i love birthday parties

Jeevan said...

Vishesh – Thanks :)

Starry – those are ever last sure. Thank you.

Jimmy – Thanks.

GP –very true bro… yes of course they came and left us the memories to last. Thank you, because of you buddies my life seems meaningful and expressive and to any matter I won’t wish to leave this space and u all. Hugs and peace :)

Miladysa – Thanks dear. Hope u enjoy these times there :)

Rakesh – our parents won’t get much celebration those times, and we are glad they celebrate ours in full of joys. Thank you buddy. Yes, we have grown to act differently from the childhood days, sometimes to think the pure and innocence lost to aware.

Lakshmi – Thank you buddy, it was fun :)

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Belated wishes to Ashwin! :)

SUBHADIP said...

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