Monday, December 15, 2008

Random tag

Indian Myna

Brother Ghost Particle tagged me sometime ago to write 7 facts about myself... and I get to remain now!

1. I don’t remember many cell phone or landline numbers, except mine and home number. We always save the numbers in cell phone under there name, so we just press the names to call. I didn’t think actually what will happen if the cell phone is lost or struck somewhere in case of urgency to call someone out of home?

2. Ones I was dreaming at class when I was in 5th std, at the beginning stage of my disorder. I remember that sometime to think how it would be if whatever happening are to be a dream, I dreamed at my class and suddenly I awake to see I am still in my class room ;)

3. I don’t like using AC while travelling, except hefty unbearable heat. There is right reason for me to feel and wish for non-ac. I hardly get chance to go out, where I usually stable inside home, thus why do I need to keep myself within closed windows and most of the time I like going outskirt cities, so why does I want to be enclosed than breathing fresh or better air.

4. I hate buy money from anyone as a gift or presentation in showing or replacing there love and care as worth. Anything as love in few words and embrace expressed from heart is priceless compare to money. And I could not satisfy with money, without true affection within.

5. In school days I used to collect god pictures. In our class me and couple of boys have this practice and to see who collects more. Whether I hope or not, but thinking those days, it seems unconscious.

6. Ones participating in a cooking competition in school, where the preparation of fresh juice unexpectedly to pour nearly to someone’s push in desk. Unknowing to do, I filled the space with water and kept to taste by ma’ma and sure in unsavory her words amused me.

7. I don’t like listening music through headphone connected with any device. I feel it disturbs mind and radiate varies intense. Mostly I love listing through speakers (not much louder like disturbing others), where it indirectly derive into ears and it convince me in quality of sounds.

#The picture clicked one morning when this myna bird was calmly waking on the compound. After seeing it I like to drop some grains on wall and I begin to look earlier and evening for anyone’s arrival. These days I see white cranes landing and driving from the empty foreground filled with water.


Vishesh said...

lol i dream a lot in school :P nice pic :)

Priya said...

Well written tag Jeevan.

krystyna said...

Thank you for sharing, dear Jeevan! Very interesting!

Have a good day!

Balaji S Rajan said...


Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed all your ways except the 7th one ie., listening to music from Loudspeaker. Jeevan, I hate music from Loudspeaker. It disturbs everyone around because of the sound. Once you fly out of India, you cannot hear that kind of loudspeaker especially in the western world. People do not understand how much of noise pollution it makes. For example, what sounds like good music, or godly prayers, or hymns for someone need not be liked by everyone around. So when I lived in India, I hated music being played by Loudspeaker. I wish they bring some law and ban using loudspeakers. Sorry, that is my personal idea. Please do not take it offensive. Just thought of sharing this thought. For example imagine the way loud speakers being played during auspicious times in our place. There may be some old people with other sickness and it could be of great nuisance for them. Imagine people who have returned after doing night shift and trying to sleep peacefully at home. Loudspeaker will not be liked by them.

Keshi said...

Nice to know more abt u Jeevan :)

Im someone who badly needs headphones when listening to music...meaning, when i wanna indulge in it.


Jeevan said...

Balaji – I am sorry that it mean for you like that , as I have the word loudspeaker, to think about u those irritating thing played in functions and temple festivals. I am really mistake in meaning that instead of just using speakers. I am totally agreed with you on the loudspeakers and the idea of banning those used in public. I strongly against those making public nuisance. Thank you for letting me the meaning word loudspeaker sounds, dear. Now I have correct the word in post too.

Keshi – its depend upon individuals and I am not against those using headphones, because is there likely way to enjoy music. As I like enjoying through speakers.

Thanks Vishesh, Priya and Krystyna, glad u liked.

Devilish Angel said...

Good to know abt u Jeevan...

Balaji S Rajan said...


Oh... you meant speakers. I am with you now. Yes, even I like to hear through speakers when I am at home. I keep telling the same to kids as well. Ofcourse, it is far better than hearing through headphones since the music can be heard by everyone at home. Music is wonderful and depending on the situation we can use ear phones, or speakers. As you said Loud speakers should be banned.

Jeeves said...

Thanks for sharing. Nice one

ghost particle said...

thanks bro.

as always there is much to learn. ur a beautiful soul, your memories are vivid, beautiful. hope you write down more of it.

next time, hope to admire the evening sun with you nanba.

tc hugs.

Jeevan said...

Surly bro, next time let we expand our wish :)
Thanks so much, glad you check this post i forget to remain.

Thanks Jeeves and balaji. 'depending on the situation we can use ear phones' there is point you get.