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About Valparai

Some facts I came to know there, about Valpari.

The discovery of Valparai is due to the destruction of wild lives and one could not realize easily that we were stabled now is ones shelter to endanger species and dense forest. Somehow the tea estates takeover that thought by its evergreen blanket. Only when we hear to say someone about the past and what we try to understand is fractional. And we can’t blame anybody, and everything is dawn towards our needs. There is destruction to a development, the world came across this ideal and if not the pioneer G.A. Carver Marsh – founder of the Valparai, we aren’t to experience the pristine beauty. Standing tall at an edge of hill, facing around the green mountains and pointing finger across, the Carver Marsh statue view the beautiful Valparai – called by ‘Seventh Heaven’ in the world!
G.A. Carver Marsh, the founder of Valparai
G.A. Carver Marsh's foot note
For those ones visited, it’s a place to wish to visit again and again. It is complete quiet to movements. To wake up to fall asleep on natures lap, to check out the cotton clouds striking across the mountains and sunshine’s to glitter the tender keen leaves of tea gardens. It’s totally pleasant to views and sense serene at present. Valparai survives with basic infrastructure more than enough compare to cities, with fully loaded electricity throughout years with no complaint of shortage, clean and tasty drinking water supplied through pipes and modern garbage cleaning system. It was wonderful listening to a relative native to the valparai describing me the basis they enjoy. It is a no way option to those frequently on mobiles, because except BSNL and rarely Reliance there no mobiles get signal! This sometime could get down your business, but according to weather condition the cell phone towers get smash to thunder storms which often knock down here.

Valparai could be reached through buses from its nearest towns and the transportation happens 24 hours with frequent bus services. More importantly the sources of life, the food materials have to come down from the Pollachi town. Because there were no vegetables or fruits cultivation happens there. Valparai with almost rain throughout years, have its monsoon from May end till September, receiving the highest amount of rainfalls. Chinnakallar is a region in Valparai receives the second highest rainfall in India next to Cherrapunji. Can’t separate which is best months to visit valparai, because whatever time u visit u experience a different but pleasure is indeed sure. People in valparai adjacent to live around its lonely main road which accomplishes there necessity and within locals they have something to distinguish as up and down in purchase option.
Gandhi Statue Main Road, Valparai
Valparai Main Road
Valparai with strong background of tea plantation, most of the business is associated with Tea and top companies like TATA have there industries here, which remains the largest plantations in South India. It was the Carver Marsh who brought the tea and coffee plants here at the beginning after discovering the Anamallais with Congreve an active partner. In late 18th century there were only 50 acres of coffee was planted and in early 1900 the acres were in couple of thousands and very little amount of tea and cardamoms. In foresight advantage, the coffee plantation have been reduced as it takes time to produce seeds and were in tea, its just leaves that grow often in time witnessed a rise in plantation is quite touching 37,000 acres now. The obstacles it carried down to this present is more and one is the Malaria, which survive through this region drawbacks the productivity, until came the solution after several years of research to found and destroy the culprit ‘Anopheles’ – which bred through streams and rivers.

At early the more outcome of tea, rose down another problem with transporting goods and to feed labors. In behalf came the solution with Anamallai Ropeway Company introducing a ropeway connected with the district and foot hills, to railhead at Pollachi through Lorries. At that present it transports 32,000 tons of goods yearly and even unconditionally success. Later in worth, Mr. Loam, an engineer surveyed a ghat route, including the bridle paths – the only paths used by people earlier to reach valparai, was helped in direction to construct the road under charged of Carver Marsh . The project was completed in 1930, the road later widened with the help of PWD and Highways Dept lately. And we can only wonder someone tells the difficulty on building the ghat road, preventing endanger of animals, heavy rains and lot of leeches.
Sholayar & Kallyar Estate
Valparai is a municipality in Coimbatore district, holding an assemble constituency. It serves with a govt. hospital and Primary Health Centre; higher secondary schools and art’s collage; limited hotels and private cottages, with two petrol bunks at choice to wander. About the Hydro-electric power, which produces the electricity, was brought here by giant Sir Henry Howard, the Chief Electrical Engineer who developed the Pykara Hydro-Electric project in Nilgiris. It was his immediate success after the Pykara project, from where he brought electricity into this district first. Today his project and the idea got Valparai its immense source of electricity, one of its significance. It was a homely stay for me in Valparai, except the pleasant weather, unpolluted circumstance, and strange birds singing, quiet almost when world at buzz… It’s a phenomenon we aren’t expected. The whole is pristine here to begin the future at earliest of cities. A thought that worries me in case been to stay, is an encroaching of some others heaven.


krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
Thank you so much for this excellent post about such wonderful place- Valparai.

If only I could be there for a moment.

Your post and photos are always the best!

Take care!

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Pretty good information Jeevan. Nice post.

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I didnt know there was so much abt Valparai..thanks for the info..u have brought the town alive

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Super Info Jeevan. Makes me want to visit this place..

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could sense the serenity of the landscape in your writing, Jeevan :)

and good photographs, too


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Nice photos. Coimbatore seems to have wonderful places to see.

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Always wanted to travel to Valparai! Have heard so much about this place! Good post Jeevan!

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lots of info there. nice greenery! :)


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Thanks for this lovely post, Jeevan. Beautiful images!

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after reading your valparai travel accounts, im longing to go there myself.

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dat was interesting.the facts given made me aware abt so many things hidden behind d name 'valparai'

jackish said...

dat was interesting.the facts given made me aware abt so many things hidden behind d name 'valparai'

Annabel said...

I enjoyed reading your notes about Valparai. My grandfather was one of the pioneers who planted tea in the area and managed the Sholayer estate. I have travelled twice to Valparai from New Zealand and have wonderful memories of the beauty of the area, the wonderful people and the crazy ghat road! I very much look forward to my next visit.

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Roaming Raman said...

Late but useful: Attention Vegetarians-- There is no exclusive veg. Hotel in valparai till november2011.I had to stay in this fantastic heaven for about two days by third week of November 2011. Being a strict vegetarian, I could not find a single veg. excl. hotel in valparai and managed with Bread for two days... But the Pleasure of the Climate, Atmosphere especially people can't be forgotten lifetime.
-Roaming Raman.

Amith said...

Jeevan bai,
Nice information.
Bai i heard a an old british house near by Valparai or prambikulam did you know about that .