Monday, March 30, 2009

Beware of dogs

A high target was when tears of joy turn tears of cry. It was news about an 11 year-old boy became a victim in chase of a German shepherd dog. But it bothered me a lot somehow today. May it be an incident or accident, it sent me alarm. Not that we own a pet dog, and it is nothing wrong in having one. But the thing where we had is an apartment complex with tens of houses and neighbors closer enough. May be it wasn’t a frequent incident, but thinking advance is usual sustain and a thing it indicates is prevent further incidents. Like wise I think we were the ones too working on base of violation and how threatening we’re to neighbors with children more or less to the boy. It’s nothing to wonder about if negative thoughts peer into ours neighbors mind after reading this news and I am sure someone would compare us with owing a dog, when even I could.

Dog means fear is a common sense which is more in children and we know a dog chase means we have to stop running, but for children it’s the only thing they know to escape. The above incident is a proof which kept these days as a hidden injury. I could not just blindly deny everything and here is a proof today. Carelessness lost a life indeed. I showed this news to my parents to make them aware and warn about threaten we give to others in complex in name of Maya. We are suspicious about the situation and I am with everyone who agrees for an act on controlling the pets in apartments. Here just walls separate the homes in apartment; the reflection of noise is sustained and oversight is left to injury or loses of life, something happen to the 11-year-old Ashish. I am pity over the incident and regard to the news and violation of rules, I feel its better apart the pet until staying in apartment. Am someone could just voice my expression and agitation to call from beginning to oppose keeping a pet. But none could listen and I left to fate to still believe nothing goes wrong, even after suspect few incidents happened around my complex. There is nothing wrong in having pets at cautious space and more than anything, human life is precious than pets.


Shuuro said...

animals behavior depends on various factors but such violent behavior is not common. in above incident, i think fault is with the human not with the animal. it happened because of owner's negligence and she should be aware about the nature of her pet and must have control over it accordingly.

yamini meduri said...

good post Jeevan.!!!

we have a pet in our neighbourhood....its very good pet but i dont know what happens to it suddenly but it barks on someone going on the road...poor felows they are rightened to enter our street the next times..!!!

and the children they hardly play when it is out...but then when its quiet they play with it too..!!!

Kavi said...

Dogs are some of the best friends one can have. I have had one and i can tell you how much i miss him !

the essence is in keeping them well groomed and trained. Substantial investment needs to go into them. And they need their space too.

♥ தூயா ♥ Thooya ♥ said...

poor boy..
Maya is a sweety...and she gets enough love from you..

Jeeves said...

Nice post dear. But I feel Maya is cutie :)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

I read about this very tragic incident in the newspapers!

revatechnic said...

That is a real unfortunate thing that has happened to the boy Jeevan. Yes we are talking much about something that has happened to a 11 year old boy, but stories such as these, that happen to dogs are never talked about.
I have seen so many mean kids, just for the fun of it, or for 'experiment's sake abuse and torture animals, and leave it gasping for air, and dieing.
Maybe that 11 year old kid did not do anything at all to deserve it, and it was an unfortunate case, but then again, imagine plights of pets who are often detached from their mothers and sold, just because ppl find them cute...

Anyway Jeevan, I take this an opportunity to say hi to you.
Do visit me at
Hope to meet you soon.
Take care.

ღ lil_kath ღ said...

scary thing really! :(

hows u jeevan? hope alls well! how was everybody at home? its been a while dear.. m not regularly bloggin now, m quite busy with rina and all routine works at home, cant get free time to blog anymore :( well, i do check ur blog once in a while!

u tc and keep writing!


humanobserver said...

Dogs are considered our best friends, but sometimes they create a lot of probelms for us. Sorry for that little kid.

Jeevan said...

Shuuro – yes, I agree bro. in no way we can blame animals, because they have a nature we people turn to our comfort and wish. This incident is completely according to human mistake and dog need some space like every species in this world.

Yamini – Thank you. When I go out in evening at our nearby streets, I see stray dog lying on the streets to suddenly chase vehicle pass that way, but never came near to me. I wonder!

Kavi – of course, dogs are best friends and love us more like someone, what our pet do the same. We had many dogs in past and we haven’t face any trouble with them as they enjoy enough space, but keeping one in apartment is really hard.

Thooya – true dear. But she has her part of trouble too...

Jeeves – Thank you :)

Rakesh – its tragedy :(

Reva – Hi reva, nice to have u here after long time and what u said is very true and sad! For our wish we don’t bother about them and the surrounding they live in disturbing others. Thanks. Looking forward too :)

Kathy – Oh dear, I miss u. hugs… yes, we all are doing fine here and hope u enjoy doing things at home and making rina at good. Do come by in your free time :) take care too.

Humanobserver – yes they do and sometimes I wonder seeing some well being dogs too.