Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Don’t let go forever

To Keshi

My heart grieve, when
told your love is forever
but uncertain will I remain here,
and I want to report back, it’s
a bloom without essence
if your absence existence

You’re someone bold enough
have I ever seen to express lust
and truth in beloved trusties.
The courage, I awake in your shadow
brightens my views far away
and relieving unfold visage

It’s a break, I hope
the pieces of puzzle
could united later;
let the profound vibrations
send out positive waves
to have u back as soon possible

From the initial days
you’ve been my very special mate
taking away the anguish
to sustain peace and truth,
certain or uncertain u believe
I love you utterly.

There I disturbed truly
lately indeed in disbelief
the faith that anything could end,
not the journey of Aussie’s angel Keshi!
The ‘some say love’ dissolves me
not the tear came moment when I read.

Hope and wish, Keshi you’re back in blogging soon after your break, for no reason I let you go dear. hugss


Priya said...

Keshi will be happy but definitely in tears as you touched her heart. She is doing what she has to do and friends stays always.

krystyna said...

It's amazing poem for our amazing friend - Keshi!
Jeevan, your beautiful soul shines always! Great job, from deep of your heart!
Life always changes like the four seasons. But I believe that Keshi be back in her right moment.

My best wishes to you, dear Jeevan!

Keshi said...

*tearz n more tearz*

Such a beautiful dedication Jeevan! I felt so sad reading this. Im so sorry it affected u this much. I just realised how much my presence in Blogville has become a part of some friends' lives. I dunno...I dunno where Im going next..I dunno wut Im doing right now...I just felt like I had to go...it for no reason that I had to let go, just like u said. My blog is something very precious to me...its my heart's home. u know that.

Im only going away for a while...for I feel lil tired n lost n sad...Im not my usual self. So I just wanna try something else and see how I feel. Its only a break...so dun cry...dun be sad. u hv Krys and Priya and many others who love u and write so beautifully...who gives u hope everyday. I wont abandon ya Jeevan..ur a very close friend....someone very dear. I will drop in here from time to time. And I promise u I will return...just for ya. OK? HUGGGGGGGGZ!


Jeeves said...

Such a lovely dedication dear. So well said and very moving.

vishesh said...


starry nights said...

Jeevan..such a beautiful poem.I miss keshi too, reading her posts was something I always looked forward to doing,it was always fun.she was true to herself.I do hope she does come back, I think she just needs some down time away from blogsville.I have to agree with you that her absence makes me sad.

Miladysa said...

A fantastic tribute to a wonderful lady :D

Keshi said...

aww ty Starry and Milday MWAH! Duncha worry...u hv all become a part of my life now, so I cant really LEAVE u forever. Im not that heartless. I will be bak. Just going thru some downtime, just like Starry said.

Some day u'll welcome me back with open arms, wont u? will u wait for me Jeevan?


humanobserver said...


Jeevan said...

Thanks so much keshi! I love u too much, that I couldn’t breathe your exit from here. In this lifetime u would be someone very special, to not forget easily, because our relationship doesn’t came one day and we share from our hearts. There are some relationships I come across to feel closer, I tied my best to be connected and somehow remembering them. I hope I will be here in blogs until I am able to write and read, and of course I believe my blog exists even I am not alive. There could be a force to drive me away physically and technologically, but no one could touch my mind, it would be open to dears alone. Sure I would be here; with a wish that keshi is back soon. hugss

Jimmy said...

u have the hottz for Keshi
me too

Hope she comes back soon
its OK we wont have to duel

She loves one and all in equal measure

Jimmy said...

heyyy Jeevan
your poem was mis-interpreted by the Blog Goddess

she thinks u will die
if she stops blogging

she is silly

Jimmy said...

she tot I felt that way too
when she banned me from her blog

now I looked elsewhere
there is more than one K in dis world

I foung Kerry, Karen, Kinny, Kerri
and am still looking for more Ks

never put all your Love on one K
besides if u r not choosy

there are 22 other

Jimmy said...

Thanks so much keshi! I love u too much, that I couldn’t breathe your exit from here ....

u r a great fibber
I cudnt have done better

Thooya said...

awwww so sweet of you jeevz