Friday, March 13, 2009

Omakuchi Narasimhan is no more

None could replace that tear brush hair
and stick like substance
what specially belong to omakuchi alone,
from right beginning to end
his identity stayed similarity.

I could remember few deeds about him (in movies)
the man who soaked in white to replace a statue
to help someone to prove as sculptor – SS. Chandran
and like a dead body lay around street
to make annoy his co-artist – Suruli rajan.

To shiver with happiness
in getting illegal license to drive - in Indian
and ticking vadivelu in hip
to make him shout abuse - in Muthalvan,
and go to vivek to buy a fortune stone
to get him throw a rock on his head to defeat all.

An innocent, thinking himself smart
to own someone’s home
to been crushed by two muscular men
and the renewed comedy with gaudamni – in Suryan
partaking a flower stamping festival
and ear close to telephone conversation.

Those could not understand what have I written here is about a veteran Tamil comedian Omakuchi Narasimhan whom passed away yesterday. With some of the comedy clips I could remember right now got me write something on him. I could get much if I think deeper about him in Tamil movies. His lean body and his style of handling the tress is somewhat makes us laugh simply. Today he was no more in this world, but his aspect will never get lost out of sight and memories.

Below is a renewed comedy clip from Omakuchi and Goundamani! sadly i can't get some good pictures of him from internet!


Priya said...

This particular clip is very funny. He is funny indeed and we will miss him.

Kavi said...

He remained in the sidelines. But yet managed to evoke laughter.

May his soul rest in peace

Jeeves said...

He indeed had his own style.

Ren said...

May his sould rest in peace. He was a great artist. I hope he was a settled man..remember lots of cinema families suffer in hunger after his/her time.

tulipspeaks said...

Its a sad news. I remember growing up watching Tamil movie comedies starred by him.