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Dec 27, 2008
Amaravathi is a part of Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park, and there was a dam build across the river Amaravathi. It’s the last unplanned destination in my Valparai vacation last December and it happened to be an evening visit for us. Something like ever seen horses, viewed those gathered inside Sainik school campus before reaching amaravathi Dam, and the sun was glowing conclude when we were seeking a forest ranger whom we suppose to meet for guidance. After a quick move in and out, we found him at his office and he took us around.

First we visited the crocodile bank near the dam, and those are the crocodiles caught at the reservoir and those are belonging to muggers, which won’t found everywhere. He asks someone in the park to catch a medium size crocodile to carry in hand and it was something our family members unexpected and felt excite about touching the crocodile. It would be an unforgettable experience and more than enough he takes us a drive inside the forest. Where we spotted, spotted deers, peacocks sitting on a fencing which separates fields and forest, two wild boars standing far away showing its back, and a big horn deer just hide around in glance looking at our vehicle, which looked like a bull. As it was turning dark and we were in hurry visiting dam, we missed an opportunity seeing an elephant in just few minutes, but it surprised later everyone knowing what the ranger sensed about elephant’s movement at near was very exact!
never and ever
amaravathi guys
The dam was very steep to climb, so he took our family at either easy way, but I can’t follow as the road lead to dam top was locked with no keys, and later I felt distress seeing the pictures, what a fantastic view I have missed. The picture showed me the beauty and serenity of amaravathi, which I love to share here. There one can view the plains that belong to Annamalai and Palani Hills. Fishing is one important thing in the dam; where there are some mobile shops outside dam making spice fish fries which our driver had, but it clearly signed me unsanitary.
Amaravathi Dam
The ranger said he was one of a person worked in the special task force organized to catch late sandalwood smuggler Veerappan. Whether it’s the reason or not, he had a mustache like the brigand veerappan and his name also ends with ‘pan’! He was very friendly even before knowing clearly about who guide us to him and said to call him anytime if we are willing to visit any forest area to get a prior permission. Later we had some coffee with him and moved towards pollachi and reaching guest house by night, then to get ready to return home the next day. I will write about it at next post.
fantastic panoramic


yamini meduri said...


nice one yaar..but the pictures...i am scared....i fear water and the crocodiles, snakes, frogs etc...!!!

but it was a pleasant read...liked the first pic..!!!

Yaar Jeevan....you are taking us on a trip to shw the beauty in India...thanks yaar..!!!

Shuuro said...

thanks for sharing your travel experience with us jeevan. very interesting read. dam seems to be located at very scenic place, last picture is my favorite.

Kavi said...

Thanks for sharing these experiences. They are inspiring. The snaps are amazing

Keshi said...

I love Wildlife parks...

Those crocs freak me out tho!

And that last pic is just awesome!


krystyna said...

Thank you Jeevan for sharing.
Beautiful and interesting is Amaravathi.
My fav. pic is "no one can separate us".

Good luck to you!

tulipspeaks said...

the last photo is simply breathtaking!


Indrani said...

They are brave, who ever held that croc.
Last shot is mesmerizing.

Anya said...

Great shots as always ;)
Did you make the last shot its realy a BEAUTY !!!

humanobserver said...

You are just tempting me to visit that place. Must be a great place.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Brilliant pics! I wish I could go visit national parks more often!

Jeevan said...

Yamini – Thanks. These are something people generally fear about, but looking at distance it’s fine :) and I am pleased to share what and where I have been.

Shuuro – yes the whole Western Ghats are very beautiful and this place is surrounded by hills and forest. Thank bro.

Kavi – Thank you buddy :)

Keshi – Thanks dear

Krystyna – Thank you dear. they are amazing

Ammu – Thank you.

Indrani – Thank you

Anya – Nice having you here meowww… ;) thanks.

humanobserver – Thanks Deepak, I wish u too come across these places.

Rakesh - do visit bro, thanks :)

CreativeLeaves said...

Thanks for sharing your experience and pics,..would be visiting soon!

chrish said...

sir your photos and all very nice clic pls when you again went to udumalpet pls take click of my stella maris matriculation higher secondary school in pollachi road ... pls do me afavour sir pls and publish in internet