Tuesday, April 21, 2009


First he (mr.karunanidhi) isn’t clear about his mind and presence, and then how come we hear whatever he tells about true in illusion and confusion. How come he supports the one from a banned group, telling he is his good friend and others are terrorist? Does it have any logic?

And if it’s so, why can’t he talk with his good friend and try to take action to stop war in seeking remedy?

Seems like everyone began to blabber something to showcase there care on Tamils to seek vote on illusion.

Whoever the culprits should be punished, but not a death sentence. I am against in any form there was loses of lives; obviously it’s the sense comes first being human.


Rakesh Vanamali said...

A comment such as this from a sitting CM is shameful! I don't know what else to say!

yamini meduri said...

wat do i say....this kind of leaders we have...pity on us..!!!

hope the culprits are punished..!!!

Ren said...

No one really care about Eelam Tamils.

Can we do some politics using them? Yey lets do it. This is the attitude.

Poor Tamils...both in India and Srilanka

humanobserver said...

It is a serious matter. It is pity to know that mr Karunanidhi is supporting Pravakarn, who killed our prime minister. The whole nation is against pravakarn, while he is supporting a terrorist, who introduced suicide bombings in Sri Lanka. It is pravakaran, who is inducting children into his group. He is living in a highly posh house, while his cadres are living in a hell. He did not get anything from the violence and will not get anything in future. Do u remember what happened to sadaam hussain at the end of his life ? He is used to live like a king but met with death sentence at the end. This is exactly will happen to Pravakarn.