Saturday, April 11, 2009


On a bit converse with my therapist today, he asks me about Ayan which I watched lately. I told it’s a movie one can watch! But he then asked ‘what is ayan’? I blink a minute to say it could be the English word Iron (thinking in mind is it possible an English title for a Tamil movie, after they came to a term not to use English title, but to hand it below as subtitle). He just teased me without knowing the meaning of the title, what have u been watching? And I couldn’t replay what connects the title and picture! If u guys know let me know?

Before ahead to movie view, I browsed the net to know the meaning of Ayan; where wiki answered me ‘Ayan means gift from god’ and ‘center part of the soul’ in several African languages. And some more into detail, ‘Ayan is a village on the shore of a well-protected bay of the Sea of Okhotsk; and the term ayan was used in the Ottoman Empire to refer to a variety of elites, particularly landed notables in either cities or the countryside. Particularly in the European provinces, the ayan were able to gain power in the late eighteenth century because they supplied crucial military support to the sultan in the several wars against Russia.’ But the film related site tells ayan means unbeatable, unmatched…

Now view
I haven’t likely expected to watch ayan, but opportunity came to watch this usual kind of hero based subject, but unusual plot of action and interesting twist of smuggling. The movie starts with a familiar series of making pirate VCDs and the hide and seek played behind the issue currently. I could tell the director took the subject which we come across at everyday newspaper, but unknowing what is happening behind the matter of smuggling. Surya was so energetic throughout the movie and he done wonderful job at action scenes. The Chitti babu character played by ‘kadvul pathi mirigam pathi’ Jagan, is so peppy with his funny and humors way of delivering dialogues and even at series moments he can’t make emotion; and surya with his aspects and body language continues indifferent from Vaaranam Aayiram and he couldn’t cry properly anymore.

There are people make films at charming foreign cities and countries, but never seen gone to trouble some African countries and roll around the strange slum dwellers. One thing I want to praise about the movie was the visual. Director K.V. Anand has maintained an awesome at the car chasing in Malaysia – something remind me Hollywood terminator, the sequence of chasing and the breath taking valley, and the stunning red-golden desert of Namibia. The movie has light sentiment scenes and what evident is everything seems virtual and boring. Something not reasonable is flying just in second to Africa and Malaysia, the cool customs enquire and officer, the songs that unfit to the situation and love scens that are heck except thamana’s pretty feature.

Surya was famed lately with increasde fans which were live at moment watching the movie, from the whistle sound as soon film begins and at opening song. He was so delightful in movements to the enchanting beats, but the lyrics of song pala pala... are no more understanable. The song Nenje Nenje... is picturized so beautiful at the Namibia desert, as the lyrics and music are soothing. The song honey honey... and yet continued scenes are just burden and annoy to the length of the movie. The director took some intelligent method to smuggle the diamonds and drug; and the logical flash back moments which exist after every attempt and recovery is wonderful. It is a movie that very well exhibits for a commercial purpose and we can’t expect a unique act, but I feel this movie is better compare to other mass pictures.


Kavi said...

For some reason, i dint quite enjoy the movie !!


Devika said...

Good review, Jeevan
thanks that you found the meaning of Ayan..that was worthy to know :)


seshasai said...


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humanobserver said...

You are true. Movie makers should focus on African countries as they are full of beautiful sceneries.

Resonator said...

some of my frds told its a mokkai yet to watch tis movie..

last week, i got a mail subj: wat to know d meaning of ayan..
like everyone am also interested to know its meaning.. but the funny part of the mail is they hav sent iron box pictures..tat was fun..

from tis post, now am able to know its meaning :)

how r u brother..sorry its been long time i came here..

happy blogging brother..

Indrani said...

I have not seen the movie yet, but may be I will if I get a chance.