Thursday, May 07, 2009

Chennai flower show

Three pretty parrots in idle greet us, while entering the air conditioned flower show organized by Lifestyle in Chennai. It was first time in Chennai and I just don’t want to miss this opportunity exist in a hot city. Even I could not get satisfy with this flower shows which was quite artificial with true flowers, I enjoyed seeing ever seen flowers. The show was enclosed by a temporary shelter, by paying rs.50 per head and rs.100 to camera we get to see beautifully arranged flowers on display in varies colors, shades and less fragrance. It disappoints to see those are just flowers and leaves grasped from hard cleaning sponges and it was truly a model flowers show. The flowers are at untouchable distance – for safe and good, but taking clear pictures isn’t enough because of dim and bright lights somewhere either and hardly for macro shots.
pretty parrots
The centre of the attraction was the different structures made of flowers and vegetables. More than flowers the vegetable portion was beautiful, with some creatively made dragon, peacock, cranes, sailing boat and few more birds and flowers. The things made with flowers were a wonderful Taj Mahal, a cute tea cup, and funny dinosaur and bear. On the others side there where flowers kept on standing and sitting position, but a beautiful display of unique flowers and the way it was decorated adorns.
IMG_4745 IMG_4734
Some of those flowers I liked more were the very little amount of roses and tulips, and ever seen species like Anthuriums, honeycomb ginger flowers and Heliconias. As part of conclusion there were few flowers kept to sale and interestingly those were very attractive than those on display, but it rates much as if one tulip flower was Rs.75. For those in Chennai it’s a wonderful opportunity to spend a day, cool, leaving summer heat away for sometime sense by seeing colorful and beautiful flowers on display. The happening flower show is yet to end on May 10 which begins on May 1. Except flower show, there was a trade fair on domestic things and flowers’; including a wonderful aquarium with varies species of small and big fishes! Let see them on either posts on some other day, as I have some more to share about.

More pictures on my flickr, yet to update more further.


Kavi said...

Awesome !

Anya said...

Its a superlongggggg post HEHE
But a BEAUTIFUL post ;)

I like the flowers ^__^
Its wonderful !!
The reptile and the birds are Cuter as Cute !!

The small parrots remind me of our birds (also green) ;)
We had two parrots in our room (for Kareltje his time of course) and who could cry all day pfffff..
it was not good for our ears....LOL

Lovely post Jeevan :)

Priya said...

They are just amazing how well creative and decorative with beautiful colors.

Jeeves said...


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Beautiful shots! Never heard of a flower show in Chennai....thanks for the info! Made good reading!

Anonymous said...

nice :D

Devika said...

WOW! wonderful pictures and nice post, Jeevan :)

You really rock!
so happy for you dear :)


Annie Wicking said...

I'm so sorry I haven't been coming by to visit you just lately, jeevan, but I've been busy with my novel.

Today, I took time out to drop by and say hello. Best wishes my dear friend.

Indrani said...

Wow! I love flower shows. I try not to miss the ones at Lal Bagh here.
I loved your pictures. :)

Jeevan said...

Kavi – Thanks buddy!

Anya – Thank you, and glad you like the post. I had never parrots and I loved to listen to there sounds I rarely hear here.

Priya - yes, it was a beautiful decoration :)

Jeeves – Thanks :)

Rakesh – This was the first time flower show organized in Chennai, Thanks bro. you might seen many flower shows in Ooty then isn’t :)

Vishesh - :)

Devika - Thanks so much dear :)

Annie – Thanks dear, I know and could understand your situation. My best wishes too, hugs

Indrani –I too love visiting flower shows and it’s an opportunity to explore beautiful and rare species. Thanks :)

Ricky said...

Amazing Flowers, this is what i can say...

Anonymous said...

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