Saturday, May 30, 2009

An event account

There is nothing more to say, but about to share something I caught up with my cousin’s marriage I attend last Thursday in Chennai. Since 2003 I haven’t attend any marriage functions or events as it never get me this interested and important, and lack of ability and facility are reasons I could say, as I feel inconvenient and unlike to cause trouble others. This time where the marriage held was happened to be easy for me to move and thus my cousin’s family being closely associate with us and almost like its our home function, I couldn’t deny there prior offer with love and being myself loved to attend her marriage. Yesterday we called her in-law, and then she said she’s well being with her husband and in-laws, and as well I aware she never talked to him before marriage and being unfamiliar with there families even though they’re relatives.
with bride-groom
By evening 6 we reached the marriage hall with couple of people seated and I selected a place and parked my wheels and joined with cousins following. Its been six years since, I never know any changes has happened and thus to know the coffee had turned into bonda, which I said ‘no’ to many people asked me and there was something annoying is saying ‘I am fine’ to everyone's inquire ’how r u?’. I laugh into myself, am I saying right and here the right answer is wrong. I wonder how many of them really think about us in meantime and it seems like people came to face each other and want to share something that is ‘how r u and I am fine’. It doesn’t get me sense, but at least there are people to ask ‘how r u’ gets comfort.

After the process of bride-groom procession, the evening began with reception and light music. I have to say about light music, because it drum beat of ears and broke our hearts, with its loud speakers. It’s been long time since I listen to light music in marriages, but I feel glad now not because of getting the opportunity, but escaped these days from the heck. Sometime I just wanted to kick those idiots disturb the peace and pleasure with loud speakers, and the whole procedure itself drumstick, but no music. The bride-groom stands like displayed, by receiving wishes, gifts and taking pictures along with others and in meantime my cam was busy taking pictures along with photographers. At last we stand along with bride-groom for pictures and it was something nice having a cam to save pictures for ourselves, and so thus I able to post here.
made certain
After dinned we returned home by 10.30pm, after spending much time wandering, chatting and snapping either on various position. We waked up morning 6 and back to hall by 7, when the process was ahead of rituals and tying knots in between particular time. Just being away and watching unclearly unbelief, there was some rituals going on something like path worship, garland exchanging, and in between tying knots, which is something mark the marriage; then it continues with exchange of rings in hands and toes, presenting things and sweets to invitees, before again going with a photo session. After sendoff the bride-groom to in-law’s, I spent sometime along with chami – who makes amuse with her attitude and cousins, who are yet to leave home that day, as their summer vacation are to end on Monday, we reached home by noon.
sweet chami playful


Kavi said...

However much the 'how are you's annoy, they do bring a sense of being cared for !

I am glad you had a fabulous time at the wedding. the coffee changed to bonda !!! ha ha !!

Anya said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)
A wedding in India is very special for us Dutch people ^__^
I like the women dress, its Wow!!
Thanks for sharing !!

Shuuro said...

I too don't like loud music, it spoils mood and makes hard to interact. nice account of things.

Priya said...

Its a social gathering and it had become a custom even if u donno or know toa sk how are you int he form of courtesy going with our culture.

tulipspeaks said...

Actually I love attending weddings. Mainly because that is one place I get to see everyone dressed in traditional clothes. It's a great feeling!



Keshi said...

very cultural wow! I love the costumes...and the swet babies aww...

Pics r great Jeevan!


Keshi said...

btw come n check out my current post...I hv something for ya :)


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time!


Devika said...

Nice photos, you had a good time :)


Sujata said...

Jeevan...I am glad you had a wonderful time at the wedding.

Coffee changed to Bonda…I could not catch that. What’s an Bonda?

Also, nice pictures...thank you for sharing.

Jeevan said...

kavi – true! Thanks :)

Anya – glad u liked :)

Shuuro – yes bro, I don’t know how they lose there sense and how people could be without listening the noise.

Priya – yes, of course. but it strikes how people forget each other after leaving the event.

ammu – I know dear, I have seen many marriage pics u have attended :)

Keshi – Thanks so much kesh, am happy about your recent post like I have already told u :)

Rakesh – Thanks bro :)

Devika – yes :) Thanks.

Sujata – I have link to bonda on the name itself. just click. Thank you

Ponniyinselvan said...

Dear Jeevan
a wonderful narration......
I wonder how many of them really think about us in meantime and it seems like people came to face each other and want to share something that is ‘how r u and I am fine’.//

Exactly.100% correct.உண்மை.

krystyna said...

I am glad to visit you today (of course I'm glad always),
I like to watch at weeding ceremony in your country and in your family. Young couple look very beautiful and elegantly.

I wish a lot of blessings and happiness to them in their new life!

Thanks dear Jeevan for sharing!

Indrani said...

I like the way you express your thoughts. Great post on marriage and lovely shots!

Marutham said...

Hi Jeevan! :)

A wonderful post...felt as if like I have been to a wedding now!

And as always u seem to have had some fun with kids! ;)