Friday, May 01, 2009

Hot and sweet!

Unless I experienced sunshine, I never felt how well heat distresses people. I went for a shot trip into sun shine yesterday, and returned while over to shadow evening. It’s not an unusual thing in India right now as we’re in mid summer season, the heat waves have been burning our souls and body. I managed to go with my parents and grandparents to attend a relative’s new home even in Chetput near Vandavasi. I almost avoid attending any functions and hesitate mostly, and even thought I did, my interest on traveling want me go ahead this time. I was surprised by everyone’s attention as well to them, as they would have never expected me and I was touched by there care and interest. My cousins grandma who was so kind towards me always, was very happy seeing me, came and sat beside me says something courage and glad she knows about me through my cousin bros.
lamps make special events
lamps make special events
It was beating sultry and heat waves, in-between some cool breeze and what we can expect in a summer, visiting a home surrounds by seasonal dry lands and rock hills. After spending sometimes bearing heat and viewing there spacious new home, with a savory lunch and taking few pictures, we moved with my cousin’s tears to come along with us. He urged me to take him along with us and get permission from his mom, but I can’t agree, because he has to be there when his many near and dear ones having there occasional season and special moments at there home. I know am not alone the person to share his moments and even to avoid his suggestion I left him unnoticed his attention. Our return trip was damn so hot and lack of a/c due to some problem, and well I agree if it’s necessary, it never turned the situation better until receiving home.
MGR statue
Going on arterial roads that connect small towns, the main problem we received was speed breakers, and crossing every village we have few bumps. Somehow we came across many speed breakers, more than 30 to remember and few are unmarked to identify and that too very keen. It mainly stops the smooth and speed recovery that delays uncertain reach. Throughout the way it was so dry and scorching waves, but the only better thing was traveling in morning and relative’s hospitality and happiness, and it’s so many years I have met few others. Here I share few pictures I took along the way and event. (click pictures to view big and clean)
a temple tower


yamini meduri said...

Your kind of Post Jeevan....and abt the courage...i know u have much...more above that i see you more confident...!!!

be the way you are my dear...nothing can ever take the smile away from you..!!!

Good luck...!!!

vishesh said...

looks like you are on the move a lot ;) read your previous posts as well...shall we trade cams :P

Priya said...

Good for you to attend such events which brings a lot of change just being at home.

Anya said...

Nice shots they are realy Great:)
That last picture from
that BIG BIG building
its Beautiful!!
Nice story you share with us...

Jeeves said...

Good post. These changes are very nice and welcome.

Devika said...

Good reading this and the previous post, Jeevan :)

and am kind of amazed to know you move out in such hot, its 43 already and I can't get myself to go out..

But I need to go myself for those usual things...and its killing heat!

Nice pictures, Jeevan


Devika said...

killing hot I meant to say! :)


Kavi said...

Wonderful ! I am glad you made it to the function. And i am indeed happy that things worked out so very well


Indrani said...

Too bad about the heat. Good you are traveling, do take care.