Saturday, May 09, 2009

Snap with Nakkeeran

As we yet to move out from flower show there was a little bustle where people attention turns towards an end, and there was like a get-together circle and flashes going around the people stands like U bend. I wasn’t interested at anything happens around, and as I was on my way clicking flowers, mom says to me in excite: Nakkeeran Gopal... I say its ok, but there excitement hasn’t calm and like don’t want to miss the opportunity taking picture with him, they ask my permission to call him. But I completely denied there suggestion and said it’s wrong, we should not disturb him, as he might came on a personal visit thinking the way those near to him are his dear ones or family. I know he was gentleman and kind person to get practice; even though I denied making this opportunity, moved unnoticed like no other in between gap the flashes stop.

I have this state of mind not to give much attention to celebrities and famous personalities when seeing them in public places, as they are also a human like us to share there space and have freedom to do there business and some privacy for there personal interest. I have seen in many places, if there was any familiar personality out, people interest to get near and stare at them, leaving what they have come for. The annoying cousin who was beside, kept asking me who was he and I explained him he was Nakkeeran Gopal, editor of Tamil magazine Nakkeeran. But he says so what, and again urged me to say more, and I told him that he had gone to forest to meet sandalwood brigade Veerappan when he was alive, and to rescue those kidnapped by him and he was the only person interviewed him.
Snap with Nakkheeran
As we were checking trade fair later visiting flower show, Mr. Gopal come across without hurry and alone, and suddenly dad called him for a snap and he agreed extremely and gently came across dropping by hand on my shoulder and I was quite surprise when he ask my name and enquired. A glance looking at his smiling face and big mustache, he kindly requests me to smile and we had a snap before he leave by saying bye. Really it was a happy moment; even I disagreed then earlier to call him for a snap!


Rakesh Vanamali said...

I remember this man when he shot to fame interviewing the bandit Veerappan!

Anya said...

What a bigggggg big mustache ;)
You all looking great on the picture,
next time you must smile ^____^
Have a nice weekend :)

Razzer said...

I agree with Anya. Lol.

Priya said...

That shows his sweet gesture and good u had a nice time.

Kavi said...

man ! You are famous now ! Or is he because of this snap and blog !?!!?

All the same, glad you had so much fun !


Devika Jyothi said...

He looks a little Veerappan now :)

oh my, hope he wouldn't read this!

So you are the one among us all who get to live life in full pomp :))

btw, I always forget to profile photo reminds me of Sri Lankan player Muralitharan :)


monsoon dreams said...

i remember him well.he was a star during veerappan times.
so jeevan is also famous now !
hope u r fine,dear.

Vishesh said...

oh ya I remember how big it was back then.. :)

Lakshmi said...

im sure u felt good eventually

Lakshmi said...

Im sure you felt very good :)

Jeeves said...

Hey. Like your picture a lot.

Mad Blogger said...

His mush is still the same.. big and a tad fearsome.. :)

krystyna said...

Great shot and
it will be historical pic.

Thank you for sharing!
I enjoyed this post very much.