Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sweet gesture

The other day I visited my uncle’s home and it was such a treat of innocent, sweet and love. It was a day that merely takes away the sorrows of anything that could disturb and I turned to be a child when the moments spend with a one and half year’s – my uncle’s daughter Chami. First she kept a silent distance staring at me and refused to get near, but I still looked forward to her, while admiring her common interests completely in swing. It was an event organized by there home and for a change I agreed to visit, but I am glad to do to think later how beautiful and pleasant the day was. There are some kids I hesitate to move easily, because of there uncertain smooth conversation and bold enough to say something to make hurt. I really see there’s a lack of innocence and sincere in them, where there elders mind influenced to change their attitude. But I see her standing away from others and the way she conveys from her heart.
sweet chami
She is a kind of child we see generally in our homes and what special about her is, I have never been so closer to a child in past lately, except my cousins, when she allows me into her world. It’s a fantastic world where even a pet doll could bite; and it repeats for sometime to unharmed, like how I stepped into her world. For sometime I hide out of her sight, and it let me know how fascinate she became in brief time we met. From then she began to seek my attention and man I moved when she call me often in her imperfect language, and as I kept in mind to go her way, I enjoyed that presence of mind and like rarely I wish the moments extend when time to return home. She has a kit as her pet and its lovely the way she treats the cat and she sounds sweet when calling her cat meow… from the balcony and to my surprise the cat response to her by coming around to visible.
lovely expression
She attached to me like I have ever been and she is someone gift smiles and taught me something she observes daily and alike every child she has her part of disobeying and I condemn the thing what she does by opening the tap and dissolving the soap to have mouths of food. The parents are showing a wrong indirection to children by allowing them to do what they wish without teaching them worth destruction and I am not inhuman to say act severe on children, but what we teach at this age caught up with them easily and the practice could reflect while they growing up. As she gets familiar with me, she started to play and response until leaving home, with a desire to come along with me alike she does with those she attached. So she came along and dropped me at home, and spends sometime with me to leave unwanted after taking few pictures I share here.

There is an another post similar to the title here, which goes easily with this post.


Kavi said...

Children are forms for God to live and show his prescence !

It is through them that we see his miracles !

Lovely narration. Thanks for sharing

Anya said...

its a very beautiful name :)
I never heard girls names from your country ;)
I like her curls,
my daughters have curls, but we have all thin hair :(

I looked by the pictures,
The birthday photo HEHE with her lips sooooo cute :)

yamini meduri said...

I always loved to be with children but i dont know why...they are alwya least interested..!!!

And Chami is so beautiful..!!!

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Its bliss to be with kids.... they are a source of true happiness!

Great post!

Chami looks wonderful!

Jeeves said...

Cute one:D

Shuuro said...

cute kid, nice that you enjoyed your visit. very true, our upbringing will influence on our later days.

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

chami dear may god bless u always.


Rajesh said...

kids are always special. And they surprise you every now and then an you keep wondering where did he learn this.

krystyna said...

I love to be with kids too, they are so natural and we can learn from them many.
Chami is sweet and very pretty, I am not surprise that she stole your heart.
Beautiful and inspiring is your post!

Have a great weekend my dear friend Jeevan!

Alok said...

a sweet post Jeevan ... and the kid is so adorable


humanobserver said...

very lively captured shots :) well done

Jeevan said...

Kavi – Thanks buddy.

Anya – Chami is her nickname of Chamyuktha. Thanks Anya, she even called my today though her grandma that she was asking me this morning.

Yamini – me too, but I am interesting to be with her and I see enjoying with her is only by coming near to her mindset.

Rakesh – so true. Thanks bro :)

Jeeves – Thanks :)

Shuuro – Thanks bro. that’s right!

Preeti – Thanks, I wish you’re blessing reach her :)

Rajesh – yes, they keep us wondering, from what all they learn, sometimes it could be strange.

Krystyna - Thank you dear. I wish to meet her again and am so happy she remembers and calls me now and then.

Alok – Thank you buddy, hope you’re doing fine :)

Humanobserver – Thank you :)

Devika said...

Sweet post, Jeevan children are a pleasure to be with...and they bring out the child in you :)