Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lodged with princess of hills

The day dawns very early receiving rays of sunlight into my room, and I wake up in aware to see the beautiful princess of hills (kodaikanal) through the open windows, in between the disturbing concrete structures immerge the beauty. First I felt like a prisoner seeing the princess from behind the cages, as the window bars looks like that and it was more enough for someone living within city developers, whom dismissing the beauty as untouchable fruit! The homes and buildings are prisons; we build for ourselves to live with no life, and like released in parole ones or twice a year, we go in search of pleasure that nature gives.
looking for princess
Unlike we keen for shadow on a sunny day, I wished for sunshine morning to make me out of shiver, the cold night gave. I stretched out of home, as I find the place interesting the previews nightfall, I stroll on my wheels around the front yard and it was a simple cottage with roof tiles, and portico with its kind to gossip moments and a swing to move in comfort. It was a lonely cottage to get on our wish, with garden of pears in backyard with sliding lawn and tiny flowers in mini pots. Interestingly there was a Jeep and being a big fan of 4x4 I often get noticed by the vehicle, and it was modified like a hunter jeep and it was the first thing attracts me getting down there.

hunter jeep
a little dream home
I could not forget this place so easily, more than for what it was; I had an accident with my wheel, while trying to climb a steep path to fall backward along with wheels. It was a great time that I escaped with unharmed! Everyone was really scared about this incident and special attention had been given to me then and I acknowledged it’s truly my mistake. I was very careful then, the mistake never repeats and disturbs our pleasure. What all I had been enjoying stays for a brief time, as we had decided to shift our cottage in lack of some facilities and in meantime we stoned some pears and took pictures around the cottage, that I don’t want to leave.
the pear garden
Later I felt the move is also for good and better, and it also has some other story to share later. The places we stayed where 2km away from the center of kodai, and the new cottage had a kitchen to cook dish on our wish, and whatever cooked there tastes sweet. On our first day, aunt made ven pongal and every time it comes with a distinct flavor, and the thing is said to be the water provide the hills make the dish very special.
yellow red flower


Kavi said...

This is fantastic. We were searching for a cottage like the one that you mention.

Sigh !

But am glad that you had such good fun. Did you get to drive the jeep too ?

will look forward to more updates..

Rakesh Vanamali said...


I surely need to travel to Kodai someday soon!

Good to know that you enjoyed ur time there!

humanobserver said...

I am sure you must have had a blast there :)

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan,
I read your last posts and I see that you had a good days full of adventures.
Beautifully written as always and fantastic photos.
Thank you for sharing!

Be careful and have a good each day!

Shuuro said...

very nice writing jeevan and pics are wonderful.

Anya said...

Hi Jeevan
Very nice words,
and lovely pictures( as always ;)
I am happy that you join my game,
its just fun .... and you can just take any picture you want, nobody nows or it is the 6e ....... LOL
have a nice day,
Oops its almost evening in India
have a nice evening .....

Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :)

siva // ശിവ said...

I am happy to know your experiences there in Kodaikanal....

siva // ശിവ said...

I am happy to know your experiences there in Kodaikanal....

Keshi said...

OMG I love that window pic so very much! Something 'strangely' beautiful abt it.

Take me to Kodai will ya Jeevan? :)

btw that Jeep makes me wanna get behind the weel n cruise in style

Awesome pics n post!


Devika said...

Nice photos and post, Jeevan

Thank God you were safe when the wheels slid, Jeevan..I always thought it would be risky to be in the wheels at hill stations...But knew, you would be safe is His hands,

travel safely, Jeevan :)


lupie said...

Lovely pictures!

Thanks for sharing!

geetha said...

Nicely written. Glad that you enjoyed your trip..

Jeevan said...

Kavi- Thanks. The cottage was arranged by our family friend and he did his best to get me to places I wish to be.
No, seems the jeep belong to the owned of the cottage and we only get chance to sit and take pictures. sure, there are more to share :)

Rakesh – Thanks bro! I hope u do.

Humanobserver – yes, of course Deepak :)

Krystyna – Thanks so much dear and also for supporting here. sure I will keep in mind to be carful :)

Shuuro – Thank you buddy :)

Anya – Thank you and also love the game. have a wonderful day dear :)

Siva – Thank you and there’re more on the way... do check sometime often.

Keshi – ya, the window pic comes out well and I loved it too. Thanks dear, sure some day we go dear or not at least in dreams ;) on jeep, could be a great adventure!

Devika – Thanks dear. ya, it was a great time I was unharmed in the accident and of course its risk being on wheels in hills. but I enjoyed with people around :)

lupie – welcome here and thanks for the comment!

Geetha – Thanks dear :)

Anonymous said...

wow beautiful place..can you take me there jeevz?? thank god u r not hurt...take care of urself...