Saturday, July 25, 2009

Coaker’s walk and Pillar rock!

I’m swing in bliss, because its mist.
Coaker's walk
For everyone kodaikanal mean something and for me it’s totally mist, and lately the beautiful lake. One morning I went on wheels through Coaker's walk and it was completely covered in mist in a disappointing way to everyone in getting views, but I really enjoyed a lot like on one and leisurely moved with cold mist. Entering either way, the small tea stall at entrance greeted me with memories of having cuppa at couple of times in past, the taste and warmth comes to sits at my tongue. Further moving into the path way that goes along the edge of mountain and half a km in distance, it was quite bliss with cold breeze and mist like ever sensed before.
Pavement shop
Along the way there’re countable pavement shops selling fury toys, wooden decorative items and photos adding on cups… but nothing interest me like mist, except few wooden cars in a shop and baked peanuts.
spirit of mist
Coaker’s walk always interest me at leisure and passing through this lane is simple pleasure and unvaried sill. The panoramic view of beautiful valley, with clouds floating sometime, to far away towns, lakes and hills are indeed splendid on a cloudless day and it’s a view point unlike others almost covered in mist. Telescope tower at one end of the path gives a chance to see far away places at close distance, but I wonder why do people pay and look through the lens when white screen confined there views in mist. The flowers grown beneath the slopes in red and yellow are very pretty to see, including the hanging flowers in white and pink at one end. The Coaker deriving its name from Lt. Coaker, who discover this footpath in 1872 and drew map to kodaikanal, cleared my query at last.
pretty flowers
After wander at Coaker’s walk our next stop was at Pillar rocks. At 400 feet height, three rocks stand proximately is one of nature’s wonderful formations. The chamber between the pillars is known as devil’s kitchen – a hallow cave, also known as guna cave. The pillars are often covered by mist and as usual the clouds played hind and seek with us leaving little space to cover the splendid. But what disappointed me a lot was the situation of pillar rocks lately, with many shops shifting the place completely leaving behind a hard sign and sight of pillars. I see how people are such follies to turn over the significant of this place, and I just wanted to ask those shop owners, do we came over here to see the arrangements of your shops blocking the pillar rocks?
Pillar rocks
Kodaikanal, being one of the important tourist place in country, it’s damn what the government is doing than cleaning these encroachments. I would say princess of hills losing her beauty to encroachments of buildings and shops, and ones the pristine beauty is polluted now somehow.


Babli said...

Beautiful photos with wonderful description.Kodaikanal is one of my favourite place.I have been to Kodaikanal 4 times and I like the place more than Ooty.

Anya said...

Great post Jeevan :)
I love the misty shots !!!!
You can join "skywatch"
Have a nice weekend ...
Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :)

vishesh said...

ha of course..

btw where are you/where did you stay?

Resonator said...

nice pics brother..nice read dear..
sorry its been a very long time i visited ur blog house..lil busy with work

I have not travelled to ooty or kodaikanal..wish i travel there..

happy weekend brother...

happy blogging

Priya said...

Great pictures Jeevan. And the first one is too good.

Devika said...

Nice reading and Some awesome pictures, Jeevan...mist -- oh i so want winter here :)

and Kodai...i so wish to visit again...God knows when i could,


Kavi said...

The Pillar Rocks were amazing werent they ! they always are. And i stood in awe. Looking at the them. And natures might !


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Brilliant! Kodai is such a wonderful place......hope to get ther someday!

geetha said...

Nice description.. wish to visit the place one day!

Keshi said...

I love the first pic beautiful! Out of this world wow!

I wish I cud go there too...


exposemaximum said...

I feel that you are living in another country :)

Jeevan said...

Babli – That’s nice, but I have been only 3 times to kodai. Yes, it’s little quite and green more than ooty. Thank you.

Anya – Thank you anya, I think to join skywatch and thanks for reminding :)

Vishesh – I’m in Chennai alone, but I went to kodai last month. First we stayed in a pvt Guest house and then cottage, just 2 km away from center facing perumal peak.

Resonator – Thanks dear, and I wish you travel soon… :)

Priya – Thank you.

Devika – Thanks dear, we never get winters like you receive in delhi! my wishes :)

Kavi – I never get a change to see it clearly to awe and it did little wonder me. Thanks.

Rakesh – Thank you and I hope too.

Geetha - I think boys may like these place :) go a family trip sometime.

Keshi – Thank you.

Exposemaximum – nice to hear Deepak :)