Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Naadodigal my view

I went to drive-in at weekend and saw a wonderful Tamil movie Naadodigal (nomads). It’s a movie about friendship, where we get to see some of the best and worst in friendship. They have shown a group of friends to do whatever to there friendship and kept strong the promise that a ‘friend’s friend is also a friend’, as the title note says. It begins like a usual movie of friends being free birds and does things unemployed do. But the difference is the way of understanding between friends and interesting screenplay that turns over there lives, in need of helping a friend to get his lover.

Sasi Kumar of ‘Subramaniapuram’ led the movie with his matured thoughts as Karuna and the way he conveyed his expressions, want us to look into more. Being a hero he never displayed unbelievable talent and did what he can; with two other main characters played by Kalloori fame Bharani and Vasanth Vijay shows success being unfamiliar, and it’s what the kind with every character plays of real life characters make the movie live. The style of language spoken by Bharani as Pandi is easy to remind and whatever he does mix with humor. His silent expressions are woven into suspense and merry emotions. The new faces act as Karuna’s sister and sweetheart are beautiful whatever aspects they do, and Ananya(heroine) has a bright visage in acting, with her pranks and next door looks.

Though the movie gives a feel of gilly, this was based on friendship and it was something rare to come across friends, who see the relationship as more than anything in the world. There suffer are tough touching when rescuing the lovers and burst out when came to know their sacrifices are no means, exists well into flame. The background scoring was excellent and it increases the furious on screen esp. on chasing scenes it’s remarkable with ‘sambo siva samba’ vent aloud and camera captured the namakkal sequence well. In a line I like to say Nadodogal, oodivanthu uthavum nanbargal (normads, are friends who run to help).

Based on this subject, I watch a program ‘Neeya nana’ on Sunday night and it was about what friendship means and what’s the boundary of it? The chief guest of the program was the director of Naadodigal ‘Samuthirakani’ and what he says is friendship has no boundary and any relationship would fail to succeed friendship. the other side of the team argues that friendship has a limit and few said I will allow my friend only up to my gateway and set of friends until hall. And in my view what I see boundary is in understanding and if there was the thing understanding, none need to draw a line, because they will know better how one would feel extending certain limits. Sometime I also think how would be the countries like India and Pakistan if there was good understand and love among our people, and the fence and armies are removed where the line of control under understanding.

# Current one is a festival song from Naadodigal. See video song at right!


siva // ശിവ said...

Thanks for this review....

Kavi said...

Quite liked the promos. Maybe i;ll catch a watch.

Priya said...

I read the review too and seems like a pretty good movie.

tulipspeaks said...

a movie to watch :)


Devika said...

Nice review, Jeevan :)

movies about love and frienship are a pleasure to watch :)


Anonymous said...

Agree with Devika :)

Babli said...

I will definitely watch this movie. It seems to be very nice and interesting.

Anya said...

I love also movies about friendship and love
and also scary movies .... LOL
I don't now or this movies in our country ??